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How to get headphones to work more than 5 months?


How to get headphones to work more than 5 months?

Hey there. Sorry for my rant.


How to get some headphones that works at least for year??? I don't need headphones that lasts forever, but broken headphones after 5 months every day usage is **bleep**tiest thing I ever know. I'm **bleep**ing tired to these in ear hedphones. Every mark, every type of headphones not work more than 5 months with me.


Manufacturer says about this headphone:


  • Treadproof with Metal Housing: Metal housing and premium rubber casing withstands impacts including somebody stepping on the product.
  • Powerful Sound: With powerful 9mm drivers these headphones deliver a balanced sound experience coupled with a punchy bass performance.
  • Smart Reinforcement: Thanks to the tough tangle-free fabric cable and reinforced connectors these headphones are built to stand up to the wear and tear of your active lifestyle.
  • Comfortable for Long Wear: The deluxe ear sleeves enable you to wear your headphones for as long as you like without discomfort.
  • Customized Fit: Three sizes of soft ear sleeves enable you to customize the fit to your ears.

I purchased Philips O'Neill headphones SHO2200WT 20.11.2013 and today 14.04.2014 these are broken. I can't hear any sound from these. These are just dead. I know about guarantee etc. but you need to complain, then wait for new item to be posted and after 5 months these will be broken again.


How hard is to manufacture a headphones that works at least for year??? I now use my headphones supplied with Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini and these are good for handsup. But I don't know for how long these will work, hopefully more than 5 months Angry


I'm mad and tired to these 5 months working in ear headphones.


Please how long you can use these in ear headphones? Some told me easily year or two. I always ask how you managed, **bleep**tiest in ear headphones was Creative EP630, these broken after month of usage!!! Got new one from guarantee 24 times and then money back. Tried Philips, they work at least 5 months, but not more. Where is in ear headphone that works at least for year. I listen only handsup and bass!

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hey man, good rant 🙂 - im hard on gear too, so feel your pain


I used to have 'Skull Candy Full Metal Jackets', they were pretty sweet for sound considering price and lasted me about 18 months before i lost them 😞


I have now been running 'Marley Revolutions' for about 2 1/2 years and they still sound awesome and have not managed to kill them. leather and material looking a little rough but that adds character haha


I use my headphones heavily on a daily basis commuting to and from work and most of the day at work - give them a look 😄



Hey there.


Answer from Philips after 1 month no-answer-mode.


They think that problem can't be done by normal usage and it is my fault (I have damaged stuff). So product is now out of warranty. Absolutely no no! I used these in great way! Also they advertised these as durable!!! Why durable earphone will break in 6 months?


I'm complaining now to Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. When I have purchased pioneer earphones, I have no need for replace, so I may ask refund. Or new item.

I have some skull candy earbuds, i forget what earbuds they are but they're sport earbuds with the over the ear hooks and i've had them for a while now like 3 months with no problems at all. SC seems to put out good quality for not super expensive. they cost me $20 which i think is cheap for good earbuds

Hey there.


My great Pioneer family increased today.


I have already amazing Pioneer SMA1 Spotify speaker at home, the quality is really Pioneer. Well made and great sound. Easy to use Spotify. However sometimes it plays the same tracks over and over. I have this now over year! Still working strong even if I listen every day for hours only bassy techno music.


For two months I have Pioneer cheap 15 € earphones (current price on market), designed for bassy techno music, these very great also. Like the bass and fit on-the-go. Pioneer SE-CL711 is model. Great value for money and unbeatable stuff on-the-go. Little, amazing and good in sound. Fits really well to techno, techno!


My todays add to this crazy family is another Pioneer made headphone. These are SE-MJ502. I purchased these bevause at home I don't want to use in-ears when discovering music on laptop (as these blocks all the sound) and purchased cheap on-ear headphones. I purchase cheap headphones mainly because I don't thing price can provide better headphones. In-ears don't last on me over 6 months anyway, so there's really no need to pay more than 15-20 €. These was 19 € today on market. Cheap, but built quality is decent. Now what about cord? Looks very durable, also connector is greatly made. Music quality, well, not too bassy - but really provides the quality of price. I can hear ok bass, sound is overally ok for price. Look is decent. You can easily grab this item with you everywhere.


That's was also my reason to get this, to use it on iPad on-the-go. You can't wait from this greatest sound on the planet, but this item will really add a lot more to your phone, laptop or iPad built-in speaker. Especially great for listening books, watching films/series and radio/music on your lovely devices at home or at your mom's garage. The build quality is plastic, but it lasts of course, just don't broke it on your own 😉







Hey there.


These Pioneer in-ear-phones are now broken on me. Both L and Ŕ no sound... I know I listen techno and bass all the time, but seriously 2 months and then they go mad??? Not too good start with Pioneer earphones. Will go to shop and return. Anyone please some suggestions for earphones for TECHNO ONLY. Techno = a lot of BASS!




And song I was listening when they died? In Picture! Sorry, but these are **bleep**ing great earphones... I'm sorry, I'm mad...


Why this garbage not work on me more than 3-6 months?

My advice to people who like in-ear headphones:


Want headphones that work for more than 5 months?


Stop buying cheap crappy headphones.

With all the money you used to keep buying crappy headphones, you could have used to buy good quality headphones.


I suggest Klipsch in-ear headphones. Klipsch headphones should last for more than a year if you take good care of them. I own several Klipsch in-ear headphones and I've never had them break on me over the years. I listen to a lot of electronic music with lots of bass and I've never had problems.


Klipsch has very good quality products and the best fitting in-ear headphones. Klipsch in-ear headphones are comfortable because they use oval ear tips. Your ears have an oval hole, not a round hole. Yet so many companies make in-ear headphones with crappy round ear tips. It's like shoving a square into a circle. It doesn't fit right!


Throw away your toys and get real audio! Your ears will thank you.


For iOS I suggest the Klipsch R6i ($99)


For Android I suggest Klipsch R6M ($99)


If you don't want the remote get the R6 which will work with anything ($80)


Amazon somtimes has a good discount on them. 

You can look around online for great deals, but beware of fakes.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Thank you for advice.


I agree, cheap ones won't work enough time. Warranty usually works and I have received money-back from 25 € Pioneer earphones.


On local Internet shop I have purchased Sennheiser with free delivery and 20 % offer (however start price was a little higher, but even after offers, it is lower than normal price). So in other words deal is 95 € (normal price is 99 € in other shops + postage). There no postage fees.


The model is


  • Sennheiser Momentum M2IEg (For Android Galaxy Phones escpecially)



(Promo pohoto)


These are in reviews very great, some are pleased with great bass for techno music. They all are talking about how great and bigg bass is, but there's also great vocals and sound is just like heaven... I can't wait this item to arrive, to hear how should my techno music sound on the go at 320 kbps. Let me say on Pioneer earphones I can't hear any difference if I'm on 320 kbps or 160 kbps. Oh boy, maybe I will hear this with these guys? 2 years warranty also, I think this is great deal. Hope they work at least full warranty time!


I'm just tired to get as replace the same cheap earphone and then after 2-6 months again with same stuff to warranty room in shop... Actually I money-back these after sometime before end of warranty. They receive broken one and I extend warranty by purchase the same as new item from money back. But this is taking a lot of my time. Maybe I should just listen music instead with these 95 € earphones now...

Those should be great for you!


Sennheiser headphones usually don't break.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I hope so, this is great item in look also.


Pioneer SMA1 is at home.


I liked also your suggestion... Very great-made earphone. If you look at my Pioneer, pure plastic 😞 But that's all you get with 20 € 😞

Klipsch and Sennheiser are my preferred headphone companies 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

This 20 € guys is too dead now 😄




Basslovers United damaged my headphones! The sound is now very low and no bass at all... Why these will not work on bassy music! God please deliver faster my Sennheiser! I know it's sunday now... But really, I have no headphones now...


Anyone can beat me :DDD Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. BAM! But where are these... At same volume I can't hear a thing now from these headphones. They are just deAd. Many thanks for great headphones Pioneer!! Headphone for week to techno music around 140 BPM. I'm going to complain if situation is this also after some delay with no use.

These blacks works now after night.


However today received great message. My Sennheiser are on it's way to my commune. These will be delivered tomorrow or tuesday.



Im certainly no apple #isheep but im still using a pair of their white ear buds two years plus down the line - daily use commuting to work in the rain and random use throughout the day. Cant moan at that so I guess id have to recomend them. The downfall being theyre terrible sound imo but longevity is great. For proper listening though in the gym i use my Bose in ears , great sounding buds and theyve lasted me around eight years. Quality listening I use my sennheiser HD650's which are a few years old now and still running as sweet as ever. Bit of a mix of price range there from £30 up to £400~ and all have lasted me well. Maybe youre mistreating your gear my friend ?

Maybe, but I use headphones with love. It's not possible not to have your cord in door handle by mistake.


Hope Sennheiser will work.

Oh boy......... what music I'm listening. It's quite not the same...


Completely new sound and full-working subwoofer in your head. But this bass not overdrive the vocals!!! This was problem on all my previous inears in 20 €. Also these are very very comfortable, storage bag is amazing - even connector is very little!!! These needs 24 hours for full drive-in... and I'm already happy from first second and sound gets even better in day or two (I'm sure I will listen on these till the morning light) 😄 Techno = handsup and dancecore is completely new music!!! We gonna burn this club to the ground!


sennheiser momentum in-ear.jpg


First track Basslovers United!!!

Black headphones dead on my hands finally week ago. Almost no sound out... Back to the store and money back!


But yes, my Sennheiser Momentum earphones works like a charm, now for two months! Back in the mix 😉




I hope to deal with these at least for 2 years!


Low-priced headphones are pure garbage... Waste of money or need to warranty board every month... no sound, one side dead eg. mono sound... With Momentum I just listen my music... I would recommend something else than market brands...


I will purchase another pair of Sennheiser as gift to my brother... with 30 € model. Because if I purchase 10 € Pioneer model, it will be dead on hands in month.

I notice from your images that you plug your headgear straight into the mobile device - but with the sennheiser you've got, why not take the leap and get a suitable headphone amp? There're both stationary and portable headphone amps. There are many different headphone amps but a good starting point to look at for portable would be the Fiio headphone amps, as I find them to bring great quality/price ratio. I prefer the E07K model, but if you're mainly on android, you might like the E18 more. Most newer android phones have the ability to put out digital audio, you can use the dac in your h-amp and get even better sound. Just check if your phone has this ability. All iProducts have this - you just need a line out dock cable. Any well stocked hi-fi store can help you get what you need. 


If you want bass you'll want something to really drive it, don't you. 🙂 

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Binaural track - listen with headphones with good volume!



I can hear extremely gorgeous bass with subwoofer effect! I don't think it's possible to have more bass with these - as these are not studio earphones. In my laptop sound is a bit poorer, but that's a problem of laptop. Sound card is not as great as in phone. However on laptop I don't listen music a lot. It is great suggestion and could be good to test somewhere, maybe DAC really increases the bass... But that is something I could like to test, if someone provides DAC for test.

Purchased 03.01.2015 and RIP on Basslovers United Remix Edit 03.05.15. Yes, I listen too much and too bassy music. Bass is gone, no subwoofer effects anymore, need to increase volume to hear even most... And the same on all devices. Also sound scratches on these now. And no, I still can hear. Thanks again Ravers Fantasy (Basslovers United Radio Edit), gonna tomorrow to the shop to change that to another pair. Haha, Basslovers United(Official) Remix! I'm true Hands Up fan...


I'm mad. Again need a visit to shop with return/replace stuff.


Sennheiser, not for BASSLOVERS.


Not for BASSLOVERS. I told you so!




When these was new, bass was really louder and prouder. Now it is like ok bass and subwoofer effects are gone. When I remove another earphone from me, I can ehar clearly there's almost little sounds coming from it. It was louder when it was new.

But WHEN I listen same 69Raverz on Rdio, the sounds is back loud. Why this in Spotify? Even, if quality is 160 kbps mp3!


Don't want to leave Spotify! Please loud your stream Spotify back.


But really I have now subwoofer effects and everything....



Now it sounds great also on Spotify. Why this. Some problems on earphones or where? They still scrratches sometimes.


Edit: Again little sound on these. I will return them and ask for refund. I will get 30 € earphones from Sennheiser.

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