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How to perform a career diagnosis for a singer


How to perform a career diagnosis for a singer


To perform a career diagnosis for a singer, you can follow the following steps:


1- Define your career goals: what do you expect to achieve as a singer? Do you have the goal of recording an album, touring, performing at festivals or other specific events? It is important to have a clear vision of what you want in order to establish an effective action plan.


2- Analyze the market: study the music market in which you act, identifying trends, demands and opportunities. Research other artists who operate in the same area and see how they have stood out.


3- Assess your skills and strengths: reflect on your skills and strengths as a singer. What do you do best? What are your differentials compared to other artists?


4- Identify areas for improvement: reflect on the areas in which you still need to improve as a singer. Can you benefit from singing classes, for example, or do you need to work more on your stage presence?


5- Make an action plan: based on the collected information, create a detailed action plan to achieve your career goals. Define specific goals and concrete actions for each of them.


6- Monitor your progress: follow your progress and make adjustments to your action plan as needed. It is important to be flexible and always open to new opportunities and ideas.

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Great post @geovanebento! Thanks for sharing this very interesting info

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I'm glad you liked! Below is a link where you can make an artificial intelligence diagnosis. As the site is in Portuguese, translate, click on the free option and fill out the form, the system will present you with a makro view of your career. It is very cool!

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