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I'm not a premium user... Convince me, community. Why should I upgrade?


I'm not a premium user... Convince me, community. Why should I upgrade?

I regularly get offers from Spotify to part with real life $$$ for my listening experience. Should I upgrade? What's the benefits? Why pay when I don't have to?

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it pays for other moderators of spotify so they can live off money like us gross humanz do

So you can watch videos like the ones in this playlist 

PublishYouOne - Because I Love Music So Much

ha! so far I'm sticking to basic!

“Real life $$$”


That’s hilarious. 

So Spotifys algorithm that forms its Discover Weekly / For You / etc playlists - it basically learns from the music it notices your account listening to. And the longer / more data it has to base its output on (whether you had a country phase or you’re sticking to it) ultimately helps tailor better recommendations unique to your tastes. 

like no joke on Discover Weekly & others it’s recommended I continually find just the most INSANE songs that are 100% up my alley l wouldn’t have found otherwise. Having to start from a new account takes away my beautiful tailored little playlists 😭 that’s reason enough imo. But also having to recover old playlists and all that nonsense is a friggin headache haha


1. do you like ads?

2. do you love limited skips?



It's not just the mods it's the artist that makes money for making money. Spotify pays artists between $0.003 - $0.005 per stream on average. That works out as an approx revenue split of 70/30 - so that's 70% to the artist/rights holders and 30% to Spotify. 



it's not real money and I may sound stupid, but they send us artist money 




ok, yes they do pay artists but its only for the streams, but that can change and you can lose streams and then that payout will change to nothing, the more streams you have, you will get more payouts then usually. now back you upgrading, when you buy premium Spotify don't get to keep the money but instead they calculate the net revenue, to to that they substract the money they collect but not keeping it, your not wasting your money for nothing, you are getting the best thing that come with the subscriptions like...----------- so you may want to switch to premium to have all of this! 

  • Ad-free music listening.
  • Download to listen offline.
  • Play songs in any order.
  • High audio quality.
  • Listen with friends in real time.
  • Organize listening queue.


are you convinced by my words?

@BabyEcho0_YT ... I've still not upgraded... yet! 🤑



if you ever do, or you need a starter code just tell me and I can DM on here and give you a gift card code (I got tons and need to give out some)



I understand what you're saying, and I think you make some good points. 


I realize I am vehemently defending Spotify here but I am actually invested in their success because I think that they represent the underdog who wants to do well by the artists and the listeners. People will argue and say they screw artists, but Napster did that, and you could say the internet did that. 


I don't want to be beholden to 3 companies that lord over the internet with all of the control in the world, and that is what is going to happen if Spotify users don't support this service. It will be Amazon, Apple, and Google in charge of yet another corner of the internet and they have proven with contempt that they do not care about anything more than obtaining power and eliminating competition, which is bad for consumers. 


Support what you value, as far as it is within reason. 

I have been with Spotify for a long time and yes I also understand what you want your saying but I like to be free on the web-player and not worry about the wrong and focus on the good side, I like to see people listening together and having my friends also listen to my music as well, so who care about who lords over the "Internet" and all that, cause Spotify is the largest music streaming services and as for that we the Spotify user and Artists are like an army and we work together to change things "except the heart" but we give Spotify some good ideas to add to spotify to make it better and more easier to find things, its like what Daniel EK said 

"Most people fall into one of two camps—either learning from success or learning from failure. But for me, the previous outcome doesn’t actually matter. What really matters is your rate of learning."
Daniel EK post on linkined.png

I love the sentiment, and I agree with you; The community of listeners make the product great.


To clarify my stance on web giants like the ones I mentioned, the foundational opposition I have with them has more to do with what I appreciate about Spotify and less to do with the others. Spotify dominates the space currently because they got there first, and haven’t stopped innovating on behalf of their customer, and, as you mentioned, fostered a sense of community, education, and positivity. The music content is basically ubiquitous, but they’ve chosen to invest in UX features to enrich the experience, ways to share with friends, this amazing community (which unfortunately can be misinterpreted as a place to yell), and much more. 

For a company that makes 3% of what these behemoths make annually to have what I believe is a superior product means that they care about the mission of their service and that is something I can get behind. 

More to the point: Let’s continue to improve and make music and ideas an accessible and prominent part of our lives.

Honestly? There's no point.


It's a chicken and egg situation, yes to be fair they need subs to make money , but at the same time the service is pretty garbage and they keep making it worse for free users to try and """encourage""" you to move up to a paid plan, which is terrible behaviour and should never be encouraged by giving them money.

But hey, being a free user on any streaming service these days is essentially being a third class citizen, so the reasons to upgrade will eventually become more and more compelling once features like adding songs to playlists, viewing album art, or listening to more than a minute of any song get paywalled!

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