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I need help to find a specific music


I need help to find a specific music

Hey guys, what's up?


I need your help to find a music that a I listened on 2017. Yeah, I know, it was a long time, but since 2018 I'm trying to find this music. 

Ok, I know we are on 2020 and today is so much easier to find a song than ever before, but there are so many problems are making it difficult:

1st problem: 

I don't remember the title of the music


2nd problem:

I don't remember the singer's name. 




I remember I listened this music on Ultimate Indie playlist on 2017


I remember a little of the melody's music


 What I want from yours:


Are there some way to find the song's list of a spotify's playlist for year?


If yes, how can I get it? 



Thank for you all atenction. 

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