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I organize my playlist by season :)


I organize my playlist by season :)

Hi friends and fellow music lovers, 

I wanted to share a "best practice" that has worked for me and has made me an active spotify user. Every season, I start playlist with the name of season and year (e.g. "Fall 2020"). It challenges me to add music that feels relevant to what's happening at that time in my life. Some of it is super fluid and cohesive but some of it is also kinda all over the place and messy. I add new music, old music, songs from high school I had stuck in my head, songs I heard at a retail store I really liked, etc. In the end, I have a nice collection of music from that specific season/year. I have playlist from as far back as Fall 2017. It's nice to go back and listen to old playlist and definitely helps put into perspective where you are now vs. then. It's nice, I love it, and figured I would share in case you wanted to give it a go! If you do, please reach out! I'd love to follow and give it a listen. I'll share my handle and instagram below! 🙂 


Spotify: julianacalfonso 

Instagram: @julianajewlz 


I listen to a lot of pop, spanish pop, reggaeton (bad bunny and j balvin lol), early 2000s hip hop, etc-it's a little of everything


Say hi 🙂 




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