I stopped watching movies forever

I stopped watching movies forever

I am not interested in watching movies or tv series why?


I don't have TV for 10 years now and in movie theatres I visited last time can't even remember. I just don't like them.  That should be fine reason. I just plainly lose interest when I start watching a movie or a TV show. I find that reading good blogs is fun. YouTube is fun too, to be honest, I love watching minimalists and hermits living. As well I find out time is limited and I need to prioritize it for the things I actually like.


I used to watch lots of movies when I was younger, and TV series too, now I just watched one movie a month. No series, no TV. I rented them. Now I am thinking about closing the door for movies too all together. Why watch even that one movie a month? I did a subscription with YouTube for Lite (removes ads) and this is my entertainment for now. I want to devote my life for electronica and dance music, like harder styles forever in my life to the grave. I need to make new room for that. I am 32 now I absolutely have no desire for movies anymore.


After watching my mom who has been glued to TV, I realised TV shows make you believe in a false reality, and also breed manners and beliefs. Discovering new hard dance music artists to listen to, learning new music forms in edm scene it just so much better and I really like it. I've eliminated all forms of unnecessary stress from life, and need to watch a movie or a show was one of them. That's it. I can perhaps occasionally watch one with someone to enjoy. It's not a hobby I actively look forward to doing when you have YouTube or Spotify 🤣


Is there anyone else who does not like to watch movies, tv or series, why?


It doesn't have to be like this for everyone else out here. It could probably be just me.

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