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I stopped watching movies forever


I stopped watching movies forever

I am not interested in watching movies or tv series why?


I don't have TV for 10 years now and in movie theatres I visited last time can't even remember. I just don't like them.  That should be fine reason. I just plainly lose interest when I start watching a movie or a TV show. I find that reading good blogs is fun. YouTube is fun too, to be honest, I love watching minimalists and hermits living. As well I find out time is limited and I need to prioritize it for the things I actually like.


I used to watch lots of movies when I was younger, and TV series too, now I just watched one movie a month. No series, no TV. I rented them. Now I am thinking about closing the door for movies too all together. Why watch even that one movie a month? I did a subscription with YouTube for Lite (removes ads) and this is my entertainment for now. I want to devote my life for electronica and dance music, like harder styles forever in my life to the grave. I need to make new room for that. I am 32 now I absolutely have no desire for movies anymore.


After watching my mom who has been glued to TV, I realised TV shows make you believe in a false reality, and also breed manners and beliefs. Discovering new hard dance music artists to listen to, learning new music forms in edm scene it just so much better and I really like it. I've eliminated all forms of unnecessary stress from life, and need to watch a movie or a show was one of them. That's it. I can perhaps occasionally watch one with someone to enjoy. It's not a hobby I actively look forward to doing when you have YouTube or Spotify 🤣


Is there anyone else who does not like to watch movies, tv or series, why?


It doesn't have to be like this for everyone else out here. It could probably be just me.

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It's totally okay to have different interests and preferences. I actually find it really cool that you've found joy in reading blogs and watching minimalist and hermit living on YouTube. It's great that you're able to prioritize your time for the things that you actually enjoy.

I don't watch soap operas either, I rarely watch movies. But I really like watching soccer championships. I've been looking for a very long time to watch one championship and I found a guide at My friends were also helped by this guide. It's important to pursue the things that make us happy and fulfilled.

Thanks. Almost 7 months no movie or series.

I don't need them, there is so much more you can do with your valuable time.

Exactly. So much less stress and less bad dreams after watching action movies.


Your opinion about world in general gets better when you also get rid of reading excess news. This is not for everyone, but I am not missing any movies or tv shows at all. Soon 10 month without them. Just like you, music and YouTube shows are good to spend time on. I also like nature, so biking, hiking, walking in it makes our day. Enjoy your life as fits your lifestyle the best, no movies needed.


Life is so much better without TV and movies & soap operas it plays all day long.

Haha, nice try! 😄 It's all about personal preferences, right? If movies and TV aren't your cup of tea, that's perfectly fine. You've found your groove with blogs, YouTube, and the music scene, and that's fantastic.
I can totally relate to wanting to prioritize what you truly enjoy. For me, it's all about finding that balance. Sometimes, a good movie night with friends or a captivating series can be a great way to unwind, but it's awesome that you've figured out what brings you the most joy.
And hey, if you ever want a break from the electronica and dance music world, there are some cool new movies out there to explore. You never know when a story might catch your eye and give you a new perspective.

But, I am interested. My Goal is to watch movies in my free time. And 1 movie watch daily.

Great topic, @vaajy


I also don’t like to watch movies, TV, or television series. I’m not exactly sure why I tend not to like them, but I have a guess, which is that when I’m watching a TV show or a movie, it’s different from a video game or a computer game in that I’m just a passive observer taking in whatever ideas the screenwriters, advertisers, etc. want me to see and hear. I think this is less mentally engaging for me than playing the computer game that I enjoy these days (Magic: The Gathering Arena), which is more interactive and fun for me as it requires thinking about what to do next in the game.


I also think that my main source of entertainment, listening to music on Spotify, is a lot more abstract than watching a TV show or movie, and I think it might be for this reason that I appreciate it more readily (although perhaps I say this because it’s especially true for the instrumental music that I tend to favor these days, for which there are no lyrics to guide my thoughts to being specifically about certain topics). I think it’s great that after finding a song that resonates well with me, I can listen to it many times, sometimes appreciating different aspects of the song on different days; whereas with movies and TV shows, I rarely want to watch them and even less so would I want to watch the same ones again.



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Nice to know we are not alone.


People watch movies and series because everyone else is doing so. Gladly there are still many people like us who stand out. I do agree games are much more interactive than watching tv shows or movies. I haven't watched one single movie or tv show in more than a year now. I can not even think watching one. Still have €6 on Google Play saldo which I do not know how to use after I stopped with watching these shows. I'd be more than glad to rent a movie for someone in need to watch.


One person said he's interested in movies. This is not about to quit movies for someone who likes them.


I just didn't enjoy them anymore, so I stopped the chore. If you like to watch them, just do it.

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