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Ideas Rejected

Anyone else feel they aren’t included in the Spotify Community? Because I do. My first idea was shot down because I worded it wrong. I submitted one idea and went through key points and for clarity I added a bulleted list of those key points and it was shot down. I only feel like my second idea went through bc I threatened to cancel my premium subscription. So much for valuing inclusion of people. I can’t edit the idea. I can’t reword it. My beautiful idea will never see the light of day. All because it’s convenient for them. That way, if they don’t like my idea because of one part, they can kill it entirely. Then, all the other pieces, should I open up threads for each, all get shot down because it’s “not original.” My idea would have helped reach more people who can’t afford a laptop and/or premium. I will be leaving my all of my ideas (there are only 3) in the comments, feel free to do the same. 😒😔🙃😁


Edit: my chat system idea was closed due to being “unoriginal”. The my 3rd idea was closed. 2/3 of the idea were closed because the didn’t meet Spotify’s requirements. Other people had the idea, but none (that I found) included the fact that Spotify, in order for you to be able to use it, MAKES YOU ACCEPT TO THE FACT THAT THEY PURPOSELY MADE IT INSECURE AND YOU GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO SELL ANY AND ALL DATA THEY FIND. Therefore, you give them permission to sell potentially detrimental and highly sensitive information to 3rd parties. They will be profiting off this info and you can’t say anything about it. This is what disgusts me about Spotify. THEY DON’T CARE!!!

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Yeah. You got it, right. They have the idea submission system set up in such a was, to easily keep from implementing as many ideas as possible.


Here are some of mine.


Show Both Dates On Playlists 


Allow More Group Session Invitations 


New Songs Added Notification  


Schedule A Group Session  


I don't get on Facebook, but you might check out this page for Spotify idea submissions that someone in here started. The guy that started it posted an idea of mine in it, to help get votes.

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I also hate that you can’t delete replies. It’s so annoying!!!

Exactly! Censorship Censorship censorship. Heck, if a Spotify star knows you irl and knows your profile, they can look for flaws, reject your idea, and There’s no way to appeal it. If it happens Spotify isn’t going to do anything about it. It just makes my blood boil 😖🤬
and then you get this:


 Literally was only an exclamation mark ️ 

Wow. That's crazy.

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I visited your suggestions to get an idea of what was happening, but it seems like the main issue was that you didn't follow the community guidelines, not any malicious intent on Spotify's part. In the future, try to avoid overly biased statements (e.g. character attacks) and stick to neutral, articulate points.

Never said it was malicious, but the fact that they can sell your data is. If you make a message system, and straight up tell people that it's insecure, that is a problem.

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