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Is a legitime site?


Is a legitime site?



As an artist I'm always looking for promotion. I found this site


Which claims to have launched back in 2010.


Do you know them? Are they a scam?

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I think maybe @Rorey might be able to clarify some of this more in depth, he would be the best to maybe forward this to the content team maybe, and make sure this is legit with Spotify's terms? Some of what is being promoted by that service sounds like it could be against Spotify's terms maybe? But what do I know streaming is a whole new frontier here, and what can and can not be allowed is a grey area maybe for awhile?

Although they claim they launched in 2010, they actually launched in 2015. In fact they claim to be a company called Sophisticated LLC from the US, but in fact it's just a guy from Bulgaria called Mladen Markov driving this website. 


I checked the service, it works but I wouldn't recommend it:


- They say there is  an "Affiliates Network", they really use  automated bots to deliver the plays

- They relate your artist to the other artists that bought the service, even if it's completely different generes

- They don't provide any guarantee that Spotify won't take out your music out of the platform


There are some better alternatives out there.. I'm now testing and for now I'm pretty happy with the service


No, I think it's scam.

Have u got any royalties off it

I'm trying streampot for the moment. Anyone have any success with that one? 

They - Oren Major

How's your service with streampot? Any updates?

Hello, I used streampot for a few months but it's become a scam. I have over 4K plays waiting and no customer support . They usually were good but I think they were bought out.

The demand for the service is to high hence they are bogged down.  Also you will not recieve proper royalties from your aggregator.  Trust me i'm ive scoured high and low for methods. Only plays via playists is the best way to go;-)

I have used them before in the past and it worked just fine.  However, I've heard that they use bots to generate the streams though they claim not to.  If you plan to use them, I would start with a couple of small orders then increase if they show and prove. 

That is good to hear.  I handle close to 60 artists i work on Spotify.  We have had about 6 accounts deleted due to Streamify.  We did run that method working small and then increasing the service load.


Also we have encountered aggregator payments that do not at all include the streams we purchased through streamify.  Only the streams from playlists were what were paid out on.

I ordered the smallest plan and even at that, i'm worried that the jump in streams will be to big and get my music pulled from spotify. My goal is not to buy bots but to pay someone to promote my songs. I am worried that streamify is just that... bots. 

Do not use them, i have screen shots of clients that have used it and got deleted. Not worth it.

yea, except the campaign, is already active so... now I'm just hoping everything ends up ok.

Here's some context to my worry.....over the past 90 days i've had about 350ish streams for my songs. The smallest streamify plan is 1000 streams per song. I have a 5 song ep and i don't know about you but thats a huge jump. 

Okay I've done a terrible mistake and went for the 1000 plays campaign, I know I know (shame on you, man why would you do that..) but there's no cancellation. How to make sure I don't get banned?

I have gotten many royalties using Streamify with no problem. I have yet to have any issues. 

I have been using Streamify since 2015 with no problem at all and no danger of getting banned and I have statistics that show me which countries, US States and Cities the streams are coming from. You can get all that from signing up at Spotify for Artists. Everything so far has been pretty legit. 

Spotify is not dumb, if you are an Independent Artist not known, they know you cannot pull numbers like the majors do. Some Independent have got banned due to the amount of streams they got all at once. I know one Independent Artist that purchased 2 Million streams because he had the money to do it but instead of him spreading it Gradually thru 6 to 9 months he put all 2 Million streams in a matter of 3 days. Spotify  knows if you are a famous Artist or not so they can tell if that an Artist not signed to any label or is unknown is not possible to get those type of numbers so fast. 

It won’t be trust me but if you aren’t signed to a major label, they know the difference. As an Independent Artists even if you can purchase 1 Million plays you spread them out gradually within months cuz if you go too fast then you violate their terms. Major labels have contracts with places like Spotify so Spotify already expects that a major Artist on a major label is going to generate big numbers. You have to be smart and be patient and not get greedy. Even if you have the money to buy 1 Million stream campaign u don’t put it out in a matter of days u spread it within months 

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