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Is a legitime site?


Is a legitime site?



As an artist I'm always looking for promotion. I found this site


Which claims to have launched back in 2010.


Do you know them? Are they a scam?

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Ok, so after my experience this is what you can expect. You will get plays and you will get royalties for those plays but you will get little to no engagement. I'd recommend just building it yourself through your own promotional and marketing campaigns with tools such as AdWords YouTube and Facebook ads.

That’s not true, you may not get followers all the time but you definitely get Monthly listeners which a listener is not the same as a follower. A follower will listen and engage with your profile page and listen to your songs not just one. A listener might like only one song on your profile page so he will just be a listener to that one song. A follower won’t become a follower unless they are engaged with most of your songs on your Spotify profile. A listener might add your song to their playlist of favorite songs. You have to stay active on Spotify and do heavy Marketing and Promotion to gain followers. If the song has low count don’t expect to get too many people noticing you. That’s why you rack up your numbers and on the backside you promote and Market your whole Spotify page or the one song you feel people will relate to. It’s all about how creative you are on your promotions and marketing. Streamify gets you the numbers and the listeners but it’s up to you to go behind that and lure music fans to your page. 



I am fully aware that Streamify is a website that uses bots to promote artists' songs. I believe that is very wrong and that website should be banned for scamming artists.


My company, Wavy Entertainment, has partnerships with Spotify playlist owners. We DO NOT pay for any bots and we ensure that all the traffic you get is organic! We work with a select amount of artists to focus on the artist and the promotion.


Submit your music today!

I accidentaly got 1,000 free plays.... will my song get taken down?

Nope! Works better and faster than alternatives

**bleep** bots! Let's support eachother

From what i've heard it works, but they're 'fake' plays from bot accounts. Plus its not actually permitted by Spotify. They probably wouldn't be able to catch you and prove it, but I wouldn't risk getting your artist page banned for completely artificial and meaningless plays. 


If you're going to spend money to get more plays, it'd be much better to pay for some legitimate advertising on social media sites. Its pretty cheap and you will actually get real listeners who may follow your page and actually enjoy your music.

I've been working in this business for more than 3 years now, always working with different providers and different kinds of music. Maybe my experience can help a little bit...


Every single website selling plays/views or any other social media product with guaranteed results is using bots. If you want only real plays/views/likes/comments/etc you just need to invest in real advertising. However, although bot-generated plays/views don't provide engagement, they can be really useful to give a boost to any other kind of campaign by improving the statistics of your music exposure. Don't be fooled by the claims of "real plays", it's always bot generated plays, but they can be really useful if you use them in the right way.


About providers, the one that works ot best for me is StreamKO (it seems to be a new version of Streampot). It's far from perfect, but they've been in the business for long and they provide a good service at affordable prices. Indeed better than the fully automatic Streamify or any newcomer that doesn't know how to use bots without banning your music.

Thanks for the insight.


Im very aware of how these bot sites work.  I have been in multiple meetings with aggregators this year and all bot sites put you at risk for being deleted.


Advertising correct is the best way for growth.  I'm in the top 5 independent curators on Spotify.  Having a record placed on independent playlists is the sure fire way to get things moving.  Remember this is all similar to radio in the sense that you must populate heavy on independent playlists, as that show's face there is a demand for you and you record.  When that demand is seen it proves to Spotify editorials that your a good pick for their playlists.  Just as a large radio station in NYC won't just take the chance on playing your new record.  They want to see that you've done well in smaller "test" markets. if you'd like more information my playlisting capabilities.



The site is not scam of some kind. If you buy views you will see your views increase overnight. But, I think its against terms of Spotify cause I read somewhere that buying or paying money for Spotify streams is not legal. If it is illegal and Spotify finds that you are using it than you are in a problem..

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