Is it legal to share a link to a playlist from Spotify on my blog?

Is it legal to share a link to a playlist from Spotify on my blog?



Sorry if this isn't the right place to post, it wasn't entirely clear to me where I should place this. I'm new to this website.

I'm just starting out as a blogger and I wanted to share a playlist on my blog with music.
I was searching online if it's legal, but I couldn't really find the answer I was looking for.
I just want to share it as a link that forwards to a playlist on Spotify itself. So no money goes to me, but to the creators.
I don't want to embed a live playlist on my blog, that would probably bring me in lots of trouble with copyright laws, I guess? So just a link to the playlist. It's just to use as a reference, not to mix with something from my own or to claim as my own content.
This info also might help: I don't have any ads on my blog and I don't want to place this. So for the moment I don't make any money on the site. I might subscribe to afilliate partnerships in the future. Maybe this information is needed, in terms of how commercial my blog is?
Does anyone know if this is legal? And if so, is it enough to make a disclaimer that I don't own the content?
Otherwise I might have to write all the songtitles and artists names out.
I think a link to a playlist is more userfriendly. 
But I don't want to risk any fines for copyright infringement.
Thanks in advance!


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Yes, it's absolutely legal.

Hi, thanks for your answer! Do you happen to know a link with proof that says it's legal? Maybe something on this website outside the forum? 

I've searched in the help section, but I only found how to share a list on social media or to friends. But not if it's allowed to share on a personal blog. 


It's just to be safe. 





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