Last person to post WINS! 2.0

Last person to post WINS! 2.0

Since the last one got so big it was shut down here's a new one to start again. 



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Hi @MattSuda!


How was your weekend?

No winner yet?

I'm actually not sure @Birdie. Someone created a 3.0, but this one isn't closed yet.

That’s just someone trying to ride my coat tails

It needs to be taken down

Hey cuties!

-Prague the Dog

Hi @Prague! ::p

Fellow bork bork! ૮ ˆﻌˆ ა @kaworu_bloodpaw

Today they installed new bottle and tin cans return machine to my favourite food shop nearby.


Instantly going to check it out to return all the bottles and tin cans worth of money waiting for it. I hope it works better.

At the same food shop any food going to expire is selling at 60 % off. So very cheap to eat, you just wait offers.

Yesh @Prague

45 minutes walk near my house. Some people dropped tin cans and bottles worth €5.25 total.

Deposited for YouTube Lite month service.

I don't know anything better than walking alone, looking for bottles, listening for Spotify Premium paid with them.

And deposit after walk for money. I quickly realised it is free money no one else needs as people keep dropping 'em. Thank you.

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