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Let's introduce ourselves!


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey there you,


Yeah, you! 😁


Welcome - we're glad you joined the Spotify Community!


While you here, let's have a fun game and get to know each other better!


The game is simple: 


Find the latest comment and hit reply > comment to say hi! 👋 to this user and then introduce yourself in a new post:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where in the world are you?
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment?
  4. When did you start using Spotify?
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc!


Let's go 🙂



🌟 Star tip: you can switch to threaded view to find and answer to greetings from other Community users! 

1,229 Replies



1. My name is Jacob
2. I live and am located in the Czech Republic
3. My favourite song right now is:
4. I've been using Spotify for about 5 years.
5. I am a music and book lover. I LOVE avant-garde music dark art. I'm interested in web 3.0. I work as an ironworker and do decorative plastering.

  1. I'm Amani
  2. I'm in the US
  3. This is my favorite track:
  4. I started using it around 6 years ago (6 year badge)
  5. I also make music, you can find it here:



i use spotify as an escape and making playlists is my full time job

Introducing myself here!

  • My name is Susan.
  • I live north of Boston, MA, USA.
  • My favorite track is hard to say, there is more than one. Cannonballers and Would Ya Could Ya by Colony House comes to mind
  • I started using spotify in 2017.
  • I am an avid music lover, mostly new rock. I have been into music for a long time and have seen many many rock and rollers live, from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead to Cage the Elephant, the Revivalists, Beck and then some. I listen to music every day for several hours to the whole day depending on what I'm doing


my name is chris and i’m from minnesota, usa. my favorite track at the moment is “i’ll be waiting” by cian ducrot. a random thought i have is that spotify needs to add a white/light mode. whether that’s not even pure white, or an off white/cream/gray color. it’s been a big reason with people i know that have moved to apple, and something that keeps apple users over there. light mode!! or “dark mode” since the regular is dark. either way. 

Hello I'm Echo and i always listen to spotify in school,games,vrchat(etc) and I have the 2nd longest playlist(not self advertising just saying)but I have been loving the community and find this as my main purpose to be on and see everybody's ideas,social & random. I have been posting non-stop(sometimes) and growing in the community and my dream is to work for the spotify design team(i love to make and edit stuff). and ya that's me! 


Wow! That’s really cool!


Nice to meet you! I'm Jan from Germany. My favorite track is "Rote Laterne" at the moment! I started using Spotify in 2015. 


Have a nice day!


(I'm still not able to post own topics right now, I feel old.)

Thanks! Hope you have a good day as well!

I'm listening to Leonard Cohen, always been a fan of his.

1. My name is Zack Green
2. I'm from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
3. My favorite track is
4. I joined Spotify on Saturday, 30th July 2022 at 19:10 PM
5. I love listening to music and playing games 😆

  1. Hi Guys, this is Nirjas Jakilim (NirZak).
  2. Where in the world are you? Dhaka, Bangladesh
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment? It's really difficult to choose as I always try to discover and listen to random songs on Spotify. but current repeat is Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden
  4. When did you start using Spotify? 2018
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc! Despite having a lot of physical collections still I listen to Spotify because of the song discovery and great community!

  1. hello there im Echo 
  2. Where in the world are you?i like to keep it private because i like my privacy
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment?well it's music that has a lot of bass to the point my headset vibrates. 
  4. When did you start using Spotify? started in 2019 then joined the community in 2022 and grow my community fast
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc! well like every community website i like to set a goal and that goal is to help out and get known and meet new people. my first community website was scratch for 2 years until someone hacked my account and got me 3 strikes meaning  permanently banned, here's a community avise don't do wrong stuff to get enemies at that time, i don't know who was mad at me on scratch but i got over it but to summarize it out don't do bad bull**** to make enemies ok here's my ban so it will make you think before you do bad stuff and make enemies. 


Screenshot 2023-02-04 2.08.17 PM.png

1. Hi, my name is Peter

2. Living in Denmark, born and raised in the Netherlands

3. Favorite track? Too many, let's say (at this very moment) Lily Hayes - Soft On Me (it'll be different tomorrow)

4. Premium Familiy since 2015, before that free Spotify

5. My favorite music era were and are the 60s - probably because i was born in that decade - i assume that makes me one of Spotify's older users

  1. What's your name? My names Teddy (Not my real name but I like to go by it)
  2. Where in the world are you? Central Florida!
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment? Blah Blah Blah by the Oozes
  4. When did you start using Spotify? not to long ago i think sometime in january
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc! Potatos onions and apples all taste the same with your nose plugged...

Hello Peter

I am David and I am very similar to you, same era, I grew up on folk and folk rock, Bob Dylan was my idol along with Leonard Cohen. All through the eighties it was hard rock and girly pop. I can't say what my favourites are because I have so many, presently Taylor Swift - All Too Well (10 min version), great pit she missed out on the grammys, so deserving.
Another track I discovered recently is by Louise Tucker - Dancing By Moonlight, I must have heard it a million times now.

Have a great day.

Hallo aus Bochum

Hi staff.

I’m not important. However, the Spotify homescreen is. You’ve changed it. It’s awful. It’s the worst thing we’ve ever seen. It’s frustrating and difficult, and absolutely nobody likes it. It discourages anyone and everyone from even opening Spotify. It’s awful. Change it back.

Have a nice day, unless you don’t change it back, and in that case may your ears cease to function. 


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