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Let's introduce ourselves!


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey there you,


Yeah, you! 😁


Welcome - we're glad you joined the Spotify Community!


While you here, let's have a fun game and get to know each other better!


The game is simple: 


Find the latest comment and hit reply > comment to say hi! 👋 to this user and then introduce yourself in a new post:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where in the world are you?
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment?
  4. When did you start using Spotify?
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc!


Let's go 🙂



🌟 Star tip: you can switch to threaded view to find and answer to greetings from other Community users! 

1,220 Replies

Hi. My name is Caimin Hynes. I’m Irish and in Ireland. Sure why would ya leave like?🤣

just got premium ten minutes ago. Been dipping in and out of Spotify for say 7 years. Wanna start listening to more music. It’s good for the soul. 
listening to crowded house right now. 
would love some advice off anyone regarding putting play lists etc together. Total novice/**bleep** at these things. 


"Hey everyone!

Tony from Canada

🎧 I'm working on an exciting project and aiming to reach 1200 followers on Spotify. 🚀 I truly appreciate your support! If you enjoy great music and want to be a part of this journey, give my Spotify profile a follow, and I'll make sure to follow you back. Let's build a fantastic music community together! 🎶🙌 [Spotify Link]"

Hi, i am Semuel Lntho

My Name is Gael

I live in Torreon Mexico

My favorite song:End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer 

I started using spotify on 2015

A fun fact is, i am a artist my link is:

Gael Meza 




Hi! My name is Robert Homes, I'm from Gulfport, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. I just learned about Spotify a week ago and have been absorbed with it completely for the last few days. What a great program and resource!. Right now I'm hoping to find a way to get Bob Black and Eddie Shelton onto Spotify. I left a post about them on this site.

1. The Wanderer / Kanapuro, Oliver to my family and friends.

2. USA

3. Not sure, my tastes are a bit varied. Currently found out about Foo Fighters, which is pretty nice music.

4. I switched from YouTube Music to Spotify a few years ago when my parents started buying a year-long premium plan for the family. Never looked back haha. I had worries about losing my old playlists and such but eventually I got used to Spotify and can't stand anything else. :3

5. There is erectile tissue in your ear, and when you stimulate the vagus nerve connected to the ear, you might be lucky enough to get an "eargasm", where the tissue enlarges and you experience positive emotions (though, some people just trigger coughing). This can be triggered by q-tips (please don't, you might hurt something), but also, music! You can use Spotify to experience not only emotional, but physical pleasure. You're welcome, or I'm sorry, for that fact.

You’re correct , your Own Personal playlist should not be intercepted with Recommendations.
I haven’t had that problem , however, there is an option , I’m going to have to play with this. It’s been a while since I’ve made one and I recall it becoming a new feature not long ago. Just wanted you to know someone’s ( Community) reading what’s out posted there when they can . If it sounds familiar hopefully they get around to replying.
Regards, Valerie, Bunkhouse Bandit

@1cleverly is this on Mobile? Perhaps "smart shuffle" is on? When you toggle shuffle, one of the options is "smart shuffle" which adds tracks within the chosen playlist. Toggle this off again. 

Thank you I look forward to the remedy.

Yes. I think you're right and I corrected it thanks for the tip!

@Loneliest_Cabin, thank you for responding. Btw where is the Toggle Switch or what does it look like ? Verbiage !
Thank you!

Hola me llamo Angel soy de México mi canción favorita es symphony of destruction, empeze a usar Spotify hace como 4 o 5 años

1: My name is Atharva Tattu .

2: I live in Digras , Maharashtra , India

3: My favorite song right now is

Screenshot 2023-10-04 013319.png


4: Probably around 2020

5: One Piece is real


@Valerooski the shuffle button - icons in this article

1. I'm Elliot!

2. Currently in Andorra La Vella, Andorra

3. as of RIGHT NOW, and, although this changes VERY often

4. 2014, I believe? Been on Premium for about a year now

5. I make music too! I'm on Spotify as Malísima!

Hi, i am semuel lentho from Indonesia

All the rock music you can imagine.

1. Bradley

2. OKC

3. Another Life - Motionless in White

4. I think 2016

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