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Let's introduce ourselves!


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey there you,


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Welcome - we're glad you joined the Spotify Community!


While you here, let's have a fun game and get to know each other better!


The game is simple: 


Find the latest comment and hit reply > comment to say hi! 👋 to this user and then introduce yourself in a new post:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where in the world are you?
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment?
  4. When did you start using Spotify?
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc!


Let's go 🙂



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Hi, Shaun! I'm Nick from Phoenix, AZ and just joined this forum to try to troubleshoot a problem. I didn't find the answer here, but figured it out on my own and posted my solution as my first contribution.

Spotify --> Enshittification 😃



Little slum known as the US


Chaos Frame to Reap and Never Sew




You know cats? They hunt primarily using their whiskers. Its literally a sensory organ straight out of fiction!


5 questions aside, I listen to prog melodic power deathmetal of some combo of those

Hello, I am DJ. I love listening to Spotify on every platform!


I am from North Carolina 

As of right now my favorite song is

I started using Spotify since 2014!

My fun fact is that I love cars and my favorite colors are Black & Green



I am a software engineer, to working Pulp Media Solution.

Hello Everyone

i am a song writer and a gospel singer, glad to be here

A Heartfelt Request: Please Add My Music  to your playlists🎶

Dear Spotify Community,

I'm reaching out with a humble plea: please consider adding my songs to your playlists. Each track is a piece of my heart, and your support would mean the world. Let's spread the love through music together!

Listen here:-

Thank you immensely

My name is Camille Corbin.

I live in Ohio.

My favorite track is anything that has to do with Morgan Wallen.

I started using Spotify a month ago.

I just love Morgan Wallen and I have made some country music playlists too. I'm a follower of Spotify too. 




Hi I am Julia And I like K-pop And Pop 

Playlist: California love Cover: Basketball

Please Follow me!


Hi, I am David and live in the UK, I am listening to 'The Best Covers of Hallelujah',  I love Leonard Cohen's work.

Hi my name is Julia Kristynik.

I live in Texas.

My favorite track is anything with Morgan Wallen to.

I started using Spotify a few months ago.

I also love anything that has to do with K-pop.

So that is what I like.

Follow and Like! 

Please follow me at






Hi, I am Utopyaaa_ here. I live in France.

My current favorite track is ecstacy (slowed) by SUICIDAL-IDOL.

I started using Spotify more than 5 years ago.

I listen to many genres: rap, electro, techno, classical, rock, phonk, etc. Depends on the day. You can listen to some of my favorites songs here, here, here, here and here.

In life I'm passionate about music (as you can see), fashion (especially the y2k aesthetic, I love it so much), and video games (so many to list them).


See you!

1. My name is McKenzie

2. I live in Cumming GA, USA

3. My favorite track rn is Bullet With Butterfly Wings - Remastered 2012 - song and lyrics by The Smashing Pumpkins | Spotify

4. I started using spotify in like 2013-2014?

5. Did you know snails have thousands of tiny teeth? Their original name for them is radula.

Hello, Utopyaaa_! What is your favorite rock artist or band?

I am Julia
Follow my California Love playlist it has a Basketball Cover on it!



 hey you 

Hi guy wish good

  1. Good 👍

Hey I'm following you now!


I'm following you now

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