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Let's introduce ourselves!


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey there you,


Yeah, you! 😁


Welcome - we're glad you joined the Spotify Community!


While you here, let's have a fun game and get to know each other better!


The game is simple: 


Find the latest comment and hit reply > comment to say hi! 👋 to this user and then introduce yourself in a new post:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where in the world are you?
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment?
  4. When did you start using Spotify?
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc!


Let's go 🙂



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I think I'm loving this emerging artist- "The Band Table". Their sound is ancient but fresh, simply brilliant!


Hi, My name is Roland, I am an artist under the name of DJ Roko


Iam originally from Redditch, Worcestershire in the UK, but I now live in Glasgow in the UK


I love electronic music, I arrange, produce, DJ my own tracks, which I have on Spotify currently, only been on here for just over 2 months.


Been talking to some record labels at the moment, so hopefully might have some good news coming soon.


Although I love electronic music, I also like all genre's of music, 








My name is Elissa Ergon 

Hello everyone! 🖐


1. My name is Matt. I'm a newbie here in the Community. Nice to meet you all! 😉

2. I currently live in Gdańsk, Poland 🇵🇱

3. My favorite song right now:

4. I started using Spotify in 2019.

5. I created fan-made playlist for upcoming "JOKER: Folie À Deux" feature film:


Enjoy! 🔥

1. What's your name? My name is Letícia, and I'm new here in the community! It's a pleasure to be here, and I'm excited to get to know all of you 🙂


2. Where in the world are you? Currently, I live in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil! 🇧🇷


3. What's your favorite track at the moment? Currently, my favorite track is "Beleza **bleep**" by Masayoshi Takanaka. 


4. When did you start using Spotify? I've been using Spotify since 2016, but I'm not sure about the exact date.


5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc! I love working out, following bodybuilding events, and imagining myself in those competitions!


Here are a few scenarios from these adventures.

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Hi Spotify Team,

My good name is Srikanth from India. Enjoying Malayalam rap's. It's 2021 since I'm living with Spotify. I love music with Spotify!!
Srikanth PettemSrikanth Pettem

Hi jpg


I am Marie-Pierre from France. I started using Spotify from the beginning in France. I really like the podcast Métamorphose éveille ta conscience and I would like to rate them  5 stars. On computer, a message is displayed saying that I should rate them on mobile. This is a podcast that has many episodes and I cannot find on the episode screen the star feature to rate them on mobile. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance



my name is hannah


I live in Oakland Tennesse

my favorite track right now is Slow It Down by Benson Boone

I started using Spotify about a year and a half ago

I can play the piano by ear

That is a great achievement, I am envious as I love music so much, the third most important thing to me is beginning to leave me, my parents are both gone now and my hearing is beginning to fail, it is most distressing, I haven't abused it with too many concerts or loud sessions.  Good luck with the piano, try Unchained Melody.

Hello, you can call me Kiwi or Lumi. 😄

I am currently in Atlanta, GA, but my origin is China.

My favorite track is probably Devotion of the Keeper by HOYO-MiX.

I started using Spotify about a few months ago, just for the sake of listening to HOYO music.

Oh, and also I play piano and viola... and Genshin Impact! 😛

My name is Ginevra.
I reside in Western Australia
My favourite track at the moment is a tie between "Landmine" by I Know Leopard and "Andromeda" by Weyes Blood
I think I've been a member for nearly three years
My name is from the Leonardo da Vinci painting Ginevra de Benci

My name is Lee Brown.  I started Spotify over 25 years ago.  How do I edit my menu.  Would like to remove songs/albums I don't like.


I don't know, if I have introduced before, maybe long time a go. But, here It is Me again.

My name is Marco Oros. I am from Slovakia. I am blind user of Spotify. My musical interrests are music from various traditions of the world, but I love also music from different decades, classical music too. In past times I've studied classical music too, but My main job is different.

Hola puede aparecer los cargos en pesos argentinos cabe la posibilidad gracias

1. My name is Hassan! 


2. I'm from Pakistan 🇵🇰


3. This:


4. Months before it was launched in Pakistan 😛 


5. I'm a rap fan 😎 

How unhealthy is it

Chicken Vindaloo??

Hello everyone!!


  1. What's your name? -  Dimtiar 
  2. Where in the world are you? - Plovdiv, Bulgaria 🇧🇬
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment? - It's hard to pinpoint one specific track, so I'd like to share my annual playlist of all the tracks I like:
  4. When did you start using Spotify? - It's hard for me to give a concrete answer to this question, but I first used Spotify in 2009/2010.
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc! - Hmm... One of my goals is for the playlists I create to become popular. I find the Community a great place to not only promote the playlists and artists we like, but also to meet people with similar interests and tastes from all over the world.

Hey there! My name is Roseline from Akwaibom, Nigeria and I enjoy using Spotify.

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