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Let's introduce ourselves!


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hey there you,


Yeah, you! 😁


Welcome - we're glad you joined the Spotify Community!


While you here, let's have a fun game and get to know each other better!


The game is simple: 


Find the latest comment and hit reply > comment to say hi! 👋 to this user and then introduce yourself in a new post:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where in the world are you?
  3. What's your favorite track at the moment?
  4. When did you start using Spotify?
  5. Share a random thought/fun fact etc!


Let's go 🙂



🌟 Star tip: you can switch to threaded view to find and answer to greetings from other Community users! 

1,229 Replies

Hello. my name is td


Who knows why Spotify can’t play some songs, same song is on CD !?!?

Hola 👋🏻 como estas😁

Cómo té llamas ?

Mi nombre es Joshua Gabriel y estoy emocionado por formar parte de la comunidad de Spotify y soy moderador a qui en la comunidad de Spotify 


vivo en Perú ciudad de Lambayeque 

¿Cuál es tu canción favorita en este momento?

Mis canciones favoritas son TU NO ERES UN ÁNGEL , CUMBIA Y CERVEZA Y SEDUCELA del GRUPO 5 

¿ Cuándo empezaste a usar Spotify ?

Exactamente empecé usar Spotify a inicios de febrero del 2023

¡Comparte un pensamiento aleatorio/dato curioso, etc.!

 Un dato curioso sobre mi es fascina el color rojo ❤️



Good morning Spotify comunity

My name is Ian, I do live in Canada right now, the land of something, there's must be something right?

My favorite track right now...Airflow (Inum) what a deep base...


As I would start my day with some music, as time pass by the air is filled with silence and toughs, should I move out from this app? What other apps there are right now?


I've been a Premium user from day one from 6 years or more, I've seen the days when listening music was a breeze on Spotify and I was able to go beyond my music horizon with a swipe, Spotify widened my music in ways that I can't compare with anything else from my past. Music shops with their LP and CD station to listen new bands were a joy in the long gone time, but was a limited jump to the unknown before the clerks or other customers looked at you with evil eyes. Then there was Internet, a new digital horizon with P2P and youtube, listening new music was easier and free, from the comfort of your house. The music library was increasing in ways my shelves and room wouldn't been able to bare if they were CD, cassette or LP, but it was limited in the house. Now with the smartphone and apps I can do the same and more from anywhere, with the added convenience to be able to organize my music with a touch.


I LOVED YOU Spotify, you really made my days and for A LOT of days, you even made me realize how ephemeral are our boundaries, in the past I cherished my albums and listened them over and over without getting ever annoyed, now? It's rare that I listen to an album more than twice (a bit of an exaggeration but you got my point), what were my Bands and Singers to go, now are just one of the many, and my direction it's; to unknown and beyond. Do I hate it? No, times change and we are moving into a new horizon were hoarding and fluidity are the normality and the past seems just to be a static and a white noise over our faint connection.


Anyway... the silence and filling sound of the fan of the pc is cumbersome, maybe I should look at the past, I still have my LPs and CDs and P2P seem to be a wise solid and efficient option, bit time consuming but at least I can listen music without bugs, crashes, lags and new features that remind me that I only want to listen music.

Simplicity, just what I need, when I need, without noisy interference of new flashy features that doesn't solve any of the overflowing issue that this app it's riddled.


Have a good day chaps, love you all

Hi, my name is Hermann but every friend calls me Bobby (long story), actually living in Guatemala. At the moment I have no favorite track, depends on my mood. I stared using Spotify like 13 years ago.

  1. SWB
  2. Baltimore, MD
  3. No idea but my favorite artist is Math the Band 
  4. Probably somewhere around 2017.
  5. My favorite music genres are chiptune, punk and rap!

I'm Abbey.
I'm in New Mexico.
My favorite track right now is Too Sweet by Hoizer.
I think I started using Spotify in 2019/2020.
Chickens resort to cannibalism through boredom.

Hi, i'm Eddy a New member too this community. I live in the northern part of the Netherlands in a smalle toen called Kerkenveld (translate in English Churchfield). I'm a user of Spotify for more than six years, use it on all of my device and love to listen to a wilde variety of musici classic-pop-alternatieve-New age. At home, at my work, in the car, outside in the garden. Currently listening to Pink a lot and Amy Winehouse and New age (888Hz), ging to various concerts, like Pink in two weeks when she performs in Brussel (Belgium). That is a six-seven Hour drive so we will be making it a short weekend stay. 

I saw "Netherlands" and said (out-loud) "New Ether Lands"

I meant to reply to this and say the "New Ether Lands"

Please explain, don't understand what you are trying to say 'New Ether Lands' ?????

I'm saying that I read Netherlands wrong.

Hi Abbey,

Which country are you from, what city?

I'm from Alamogordo, in New Mexico.

1. My name is Jenny

2. I currently live in Oregon, US.

3. My favorite track at the moment is Loser, Baby from the show Hazbin Hotel

4. I started using Spotify sometime in late 2023, I can't remember the exact date.
5. One fun fact about me is that in the HPU I am a Slytherin, but my entire friend group are Gryffindors


1. My name is Daniel R

2. Im from California

3. currently listening to Ginger Root's newest single:

4. I started using Spotify because I needed music to listen to at the gym 🙂

1 My name is Roseline 

2 Am in Nigeria 

3 My favorite track is "Big fish" by Kcee

4 Sometimes you just got to go somewhere higher and scream so loud to let all your worries and anxieties all out and you can try that and thank me later....


Don't know if my neighbours wil appreciate if I start screaming. I will test it. If you don't receive any further response, I'm probably arrested for disturbing the peace. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Have a lovely Day,

You need to go to a higher ground

Sorry, no high grond for 500mile, I live in farmer flatland.

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