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My Artists 'Fans also like' section has disappeared

My Artists 'Fans also like' section has disappeared

My band has had music (1 EP so far) on Spotify since about October of last year, and a single from the EP in August before that.  About a week after the EP came out, I finally had a 'Fans Also Like' section, and it has adjusted little by little as time has went on, with 50 to 60 percent of the bands displayed being the same.


That being said, I just checked today, and the 'Fans Also Like' section is gone, and an artist radio cannot be started. This is a bit confusing to me mainly because while I'm not a big band by any means, my monthly listeners/Followers are growing from what they were previously when I did have that section listed.


Has anyone else had this come up or know exactly what it means?

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Did it ever come back?  We're experiencing the same thing.  Our radio won't load yesterday and our "fans also like" section disappeared today.

It did, but only after we increased our monthly listeners. While I'm not 100% positive on this, I think they updated the way that present bands to recommend in the 'fans also like' section with bands that are more similar not just in genre but in popularity/followers, while still playing the more popular bands similar to your artist in the artist's radio. 

Thank you!  Hoping ours will come back soon.  

it was working here a week a go and it disappeared all in a sudden. I don't know if it's a listener related thing as Phase has lot's more monthly listeners than loads of artists that have a 'fans also like' section and a working radio. The support wasn't of any help really... Any ideas? anyone else having this issue?




Has it come back for you too?

Same thing happened to my band too. So they come back when your listeners increase, yeah?

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