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My wrapped 2017


My wrapped 2017

Isn't there gonna be a wrapped 2017 playlist made personally for you This year? When is it coming out?

84 Replies

Thanks spotify!


Please!! how can I remove some songs from the wrapped playlist?? My wife used to listen to some very **bleep**ty songs that I DON'T WANT TO HAVE. Please HELP


Yeah, the spotify stats gets worse and worse with each year to pass, I just wanna see what type of music I listen to throughout the year (and months) as well as how many times I've listened to a certain track or something. Now the stats only show my favorite song and band, but not much more :(... Really hope (more like wish) they make it good again, like in 2015 (might even have been 2014) where they showed basically everything about your spotify year.

I know it’s been a month since we got our 2017 Wrapped stats, but I have to ask, did anyone get a 2nd Your Top Songs 2017 playlist titled Your Top Songs 2017 (2) that has 100 different songs on it? I got a second Your Top Songs 2016 playlist last year and I’ll link it right here. 

If anyone got one, you can reply to me with those playlists if you want to. If anyone got one, can you show me how to get one, if you know how? If nobody got one, then it’s no big deal. 

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