No Artist Radio for an Artist

No Artist Radio for an Artist


I have been investigating the "More Like ..." section at Spotify home screen and noticed that some artists have less songs, less monthly listeners, less streams, less followers and less time passed since their first release on Spotify than my band which I shared its link below; but some of them have an artist radio and my band doesn't.

Can someone give some hints on when the radio station appears, are there some thresholds or other factors? We are a little excited to have a channel 🙂

Thank you!


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Hey @Rond 🙂


The Artist Radio is created when "Fans Also Like"/"Related Artists" section appears, which is a section of artists similar to your band.
I am not sure how long it will take for it to appear, but you can take a look at this Spotify for Artists FAQ for more information.


Hope this helps, have a nice day 🙂

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Hi @Sebasty, thank you for the answer 🙂

As mentioned in this topic, it requires some amount of data to generate a relevant artists page. I dabble in data a little and I am coming up with this guess that it's not only the amount of data it considers, but also how the revelance is classified by the listener profiles as well. In other words, some artists with less listeners/streams than my band have a more concentrated listener profile, so it's easier for the machine to classify their relevance.

I hope a developer will enlight us excited artists a little :))

Thanks again!

Yup, its pretty much how concentrated and relevant your listeners are. I have been on Spotify as an artist for a couple years now. At points I have had over 10k monthly listeners, then down to around 200 when I'm not actively releasing. I still haven't been given a "Radio." I have narrowed this down to the fact that my sound is quite eclectic and diverse, and so there aren't many relevant artists to place in my "Sounds like" this could be your problem too. My suggestion: release more music and get your songs on playlists with artists you feel are similar to your sound, and get people to listen to those artists before and after they play your tracks. Hope that kinda helps..

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