Our decisions create the world we live in

Our decisions create the world we live in


Hello. First let me say that I love Spotify. It’s a great service.  However, I cannot continue to be a customer when Neil Young is not participating. I will support Neil Young and his beliefs. If Neil Young feels that Spotify is doing something he cannot support, that's all I need to know. I'm going to find another company where Neil feels comfortable being. 


I started in music as a guitarist playing Neil Young songs. Neil’s music is all about truth, being true to yourself, and of course all the other things that we relate to with music: love, old country roads, pain, break-ups, pickups, dogs and other things we’ve lost. 


Clearly Seth Rogen is more important to Spotify in terms of revenue, than Neil Young is in terms of truth and decency. This moment, this decision, defines who Spotify is as an organization, their identity and purpose. I cannot support a company with no values. When money is your purpose over doing the right thing, then you have no integrity and no values. 


Spotify’s leadership favors revenues over doing what's right. This is who they are. I prefer to support companies and people who strive to create a better world, to create harmony instead of division, to help people with truthful information, for example, instead of putting out false information that can cause harm to people. Seth chose disinformation because it creates controversy and that creates listener back and forth, as is true with all controversial issues. This is the choice Spotify has made and I cannot support such a company.

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Purely out of interest, does Apple Music support Neil Young?  I remember the Harvest album well but haven't looked for it since recently joining Spotify.

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