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Photo Thread: Show your bike


Photo Thread: Show your bike

Hey there.


Here's my thread: show your bike! I purchased my Raleigh at June 2013, now I have driven now near 1,000 kilometers 😉 It's average of 225 kilometers for one month.




I travel always riding a bike, because I do not have a car, and do not need one. Bike forever!!!


And now I go for some night biking here. Even if I already did 15 kilometers today with my bike for my shopping need. 😉


Please share photo of your bike!!!

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More bike photos please!

My bike this summer in the middle of nowhere 🙂


In the middle of a day, in the middle of a nowhere. I will listen Spotify always, all these sunny days 🙂



My bike updated look.


Updated look


I have changed 8 months ago tires to Nobby Nic, but rear tire was broken day ago in ride. It's a problem, when you use your bike, most of weight to rear tire. It was also blind, so it just past away yesterday. I purchased new one, as there was big hole in rear tire. So here we go again now.


But also I purchased front and rear fenders. No more slush!


I bike everywhere, even in the woods, crazy mountain areas, so tires will not last forever. I bike full year near 10 000 kilometers. So it's a need to update at least rear tire as it's wears out faster.


If you like mountain biking like me... and everywhere... I would recommend Nobby Nic Schwalbe tires. These are quality and will provide stuff you need to survive in mountain.

This is my new semi-vintage Japanese bike. Fell in love with this colour and had to buy it!



Today's trip to woods... MTB forever 🙂



Well that looks like a wonderful adventure. I love nature trails like that.

I like woods. Here I stream today a Spotify in these...




I like this style. MTB forever!

Hey there.


My bike new klook. It is also now 550 lumen front bulb to my bike and 40 lumen bulb back... These really great, so great safety to woods road I bike now a lot... Also useful on normal bike roads with light. Only at max volume, the front bulb is too light. But there is 2 more light powers, max, normal and low. When u see someone is coming, you need almost to go to normal or even low mode, as max is too bright for eyes!!! But that's great new look, I hope you like it.






Today was first time at one wood road and there was a lot dangerous down wood roads... but I really was able to see to where I'm biking. Great new Knog bulbs. They work on chargeable battery (it is included, but not rechangable).



This great photo is from this summer. On my mountain bike from my commune to big city and to village / lake Kiimajärvi (Hornylake). This Hornylake is 75 kilometers from my house, so whole trip was almost 150 km. In one way - I'm power man with my bike.


The track I listened in this place is this.




This remixmade me almost cry here of happiness!!!

My ride: specialized tarmac SL4 - carbon frame and forks. Mavic open pro rims laced to Hope RS mono hubs . I use Exposure strada MK5 front light along with a knogg blinder road 3 lamp on my helmet and a knogg rear right.

tarmac2 jpeg.jpg

The exposure lamp does a handsome job of lighting up country lanes in the early morning or evening. 

exposure jpeg.jpg

Sorry, more bike piccys .

tarmac3 jpeg.jpg

My bike turned 10 years in June 2023. I started this post almost decade ago. Now some updates.

I still ride a lot on it, but it's unstable on wood paths (on the tough ones).

It was not unstable when new or 2 years back. I think the frame of the bike is starting to show it's weaknesses over time.


I literally can not ride hard paths anymore, as I am scared to ride this bike, it can be very unstable ride here.







I am looking for a new bike, but right now I bike on this old bike.

It has some rust on it, colours vanished on some parts and generally unstable even after serviced and some parts changed.

It was a time to upgrade old bike, almost 11 year old. I bought old bike at offer for 399 euros, so 39,90 a year. For a month cost 3,32 €. I rode it to the end, and now it's selling. I plan to sell my old bike for 185-200 euros at the most serviced and with accessories.


New bike is 499 bike for 424. At the start of 2023 it was selling new at 599 euros.

So decent price drop, and new item when collected at the store.


Next 10 years with this guy. We already biked some great wood paths and weird roads in crazy conditions.



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