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Playlist Mixed Tape: Sign-up Open


Playlist Mixed Tape: Sign-up Open

Hey y'all


If you remember mixed tapes/ mixed CDs, you might miss the art of creating a special list of tracks for someone. Let's bring that back with playlists. 


Fill in the below Google Form if you're interested. Let us know:

1. Your Spotify username

2. Your Community username

3. A playlist you've created/ that you enjoy (optional)

4. The genre that interests you the most


We'll then pair you with a partner. Each month you should create a playlist for each other based on the month's theme.

49 Replies

This is such a great idea! I just signed up. I never came in the community but I definitely will! Can't wait to know September's theme to work on the playlist 😊

This sounds awesome! I just signed-up, can't wait to start!

Wow, it's sad to hear something like this... You know: working for create a playlist and not get any answer it's very annoying...

In relation with my playlist, although i'm not very active in the forum (@rorey wrote me for delete my status for example) I left a private message to my partner but also I left the playlist here 🙂

Spotify Profile Profile

@meahtenoha What's the new theme, and who is my new partner in music? 

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

I joined like 2 weeks ago but haven't recived any messages about who my partner is. Just re-did the google form in case it was something wrong...

Sign me up!!

Massive thanks to everyone that signed up. We will be assigning partners for you this week. 


The theme for September: Plane Ride Vibes. 


Create a playlist for partner with your favorite traveling/ plane/ train tunes from your common genre. 


Feel free to share your creations here as well. Happy curating. 

Hey folks! How are you finding the Playlist Exchange so far?


If your partner hasn't messaged you back please post your name and preferred genre below. If you spot someone else without a partner (and your preferred genre) please message each other. 


The theme for October is: Autumn Leaves


Think darker nights, fire pits, sweaters, and cozy days. Once your playlist is built share it with your partner for some new discoveries.

Is it too late to join this?! It looks so cool

Follow me

I don't believe my partner messaged me

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