Playlists disappeared and can't restore

Playlists disappeared and can't restore


I decided to start Spotify premium again after a very long break. Unfortunately all my playlists seem to have vanished. Help would be greatly appreciated.


When I clicked the restore playlists tab on my account, the error text "the deleted playlist could not be retrieved, please try again later" appears. I attached a screenshot.


I did NOT delete them myself. The playlists were crea...

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After 1-2 hours of searching and account tweaking I finally discovered that you can have two accounts on the same email. Is this true? Confusing. Playlists found on this other account. Can't find a delete message button. Tried to edit/erase the text, but a message "an unexpected message has occured" appeared. Thank you anyway.


Edit: Suddenly I could edit without error. Erased half the message, so you don't have to read so much.


I have the same problem.  I bought a new I-phone, turned on Spotify and all playlists had vanished. v????   

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