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[Podcasts] Would be cool if your leading podcast (Joe Rogan) didn't spread vaccine disinformation


[Podcasts] Would be cool if your leading podcast (Joe Rogan) didn't spread vaccine disinformation

The Joe Rogan Experience just had Alex Jones on again, and amongst other garbage, he made false or wildly exaggerated claims about vaccines.


It would be great if my Spotify dollars weren't spent to help give Joe Rogan $100 million to have conspiracy theorists spread absolute trash that poisons the ideological well of our society.  I'm glad Joe sometimes has cool people on, but I'd much rather you pay artists to make music than push this garbage.

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  • How do you, or I, or any of us know what the truth is? We’re all guessing. If media polarized censorship didn’t exist, if public debate between credentialed experts were allowed, then we’d be able to keep up with current science and be informed.  But in a one-sided “information” system, all we hear is the pharmaceutical industry officially approved narrative, which doesn’t include scientific updates, how are you so certain that you know what scientific and medical truth is? 

I’m share your pov re: Jones. He only makes things worse in this already troubled society. In historical context he would be accurately characterized as an “agent provocateur.” In other words, his purpose is to manipulate others into being the PROBLEM or trigger them into a REACTION which will cause normal ppl to actually request or government to impose a SOLUTION which has already been designed. 20 years ago that was the Patriot Act. 
Where I *may* not agree with you is your characterization of Rogan allowing him on. Rogan himself doesn’t mirror Alex Jones tantrums. I do not support censorship and personally I think Rogan is a valuable presence. All that said, this example causes me to examine my own contradictions. I’d never allow Jones airtime. But I like Rogan and technically I understand his willingness to let all voices be heard. 
final perspective: imo, if AJ were for real? No way would he have a long standing top quality uninterrupted robust cable distribution network. And, is AJ were for real? He wouldn’t be a presence anymore. From my pov, Jones is the hood ornament sticking out from otherwise hidden vehicle.

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