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[Podcasts] Would be cool if your leading podcast (Joe Rogan) didn't spread vaccine disinformation


[Podcasts] Would be cool if your leading podcast (Joe Rogan) didn't spread vaccine disinformation

The Joe Rogan Experience just had Alex Jones on again, and amongst other garbage, he made false or wildly exaggerated claims about vaccines.


It would be great if my Spotify dollars weren't spent to help give Joe Rogan $100 million to have conspiracy theorists spread absolute trash that poisons the ideological well of our society.  I'm glad Joe sometimes has cool people on, but I'd much rather you pay artists to make music than push this garbage.

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Alex Jones is supposed to be banned from Spotify due to repeated violations of Spotify's TOS. Please enforce your TOS and prevent Joe Rogan from hosting those who would spread hate speech and COVID conspiracy theories.



I would like for the "free market of ideas" not to be overrun with disinformation and trash like Alex Jones. Ditch the episode, ditch JRE so they can be free, or I can ditch Spotify. Thanks.


Who thought it was a good idea for spotify to push anti-vaccine content in the middle of a pandemic?  Fix this trash or I will go elsewhere for my music and podcasting needs.

I am about to cancel my Spotify account after over 3 years on the service.

I'm all for free speech and am not a proponent of cancel culture, but like yelling fire in a crowded theater there need to be limits to speech when it causes harm. Alex Jones has caused so much mental suffering for so many people, spreading deranged ideas and fearmongering, inciting violence. This is not ok, and I will switch to another service if this is not rectified.

As much as I disagree with Alex**bleep**, I'm all for letting him on. Spotify keep up the good work. The proper way to stopping 'deranged ideas' and 'fearmongering' is by explaining why they are bad, deranged, wrong etc. not silence.

Disagree. There’s a gazillion nut job ideas out there and we shouldn’t have
to resign ourselves to giving energy to every hack with their own theory.
Better to stop amplifying what should be relegated to mental health

Respectfully disagreeing with DoisKoh. Every private company gets to choose which speech they wish to amplify. There's no first amendment right to be able to spread lies on Spotify, that's Spotify's choice to make. Nor is Spotify doing anything to explain why the deranged ideas from Alex Jones are wrong. Some people will get very sick or die as a result of this misinformation. I've been a Spotify customer for six years and am now considering shutting down our family account, at least for a bit. Looking for a response from Spotify on their policy regarding misinformation and how that aligns with their promotion of the Joe Rogan podcast.


I've let me subscription lapse. I'll start it up again once Joe Rogan is gone from Spotify.

Don't like it, don't watch. Feelings can be hard sometimes

I'm cancelling my Spotify account today--a decision I don't make lightly. Your corporation is responsible for your programming, and like Neil Young, I choose not to be affiliated with those who espouse such blatantly idiotic and destructive ideas. Where is Joe Rogan's medical degree? And Alex Jones's? When the families of dead Covid patients start to sue Spotify because their loved one got the deranged idea not to be vaccinated by listening to Joe Rogan, you will have an awakening. 

Rogan spreads disinformation aka LIES. End of story. LIES that can kill. He violates TOS in my opinion. Twitter has taken steps to ban such activity, and stop with the 1A bull about free speech. Hate speech, and LIES knowing your have a sheep herd following your from TFG is wrong. You are exploiting their paranoia and making them sick or worse, they die. In addition, you help promote the idea that they can avoid vaccines, masks and flaunt their "rights" while they violate ours. TOS violation Spotify. I'll hang in for now EXPECTING ACTION on your part. Sad you let it come to this isn't it?

I am looking to discontinue our family membership.  Been a member for 5 years, but I'm not going to put my hard earned money towards this.   

I am looking to move to Amazon Music and Sirius XM for my music needs.   I already pay for Amazon - This just makes it easier 

I rarely use spotify, but canceling Neil Young to support the COVID misinformation prolmugated by Joe Rogan is unsupportable. Goodbye Rogan, you immoral robber baron. And Goodbye spotify. 


I am canceling my Spotify as well. I don't want to subscribe to this immoral platform. Wake up and smell the sausage Spotify. Rid your platform of this overpaid vexatious lunatic before he and his cronies dupe and incite any more gullible mislead souls.

As a fellow Canadian musician perhaps I can persuade Neil to collaborate a song with me entitled "Big Cash for Bigger Lies". We would find a more credible place to play it for sure.

I heard Tidal is good and does NOT have Joe Rogan. See ya over there soon!!,the%20rest%20....

I am about to cancel my Spotify subscription. I cannot support the peddling of misinformation about COVID to a vulnerable audience. This type of willful ignorance is contributing to the unnecessary deaths of  thousands of unvaccinated Americans. There is a war between humans and the coronavirus that has killed many more Americans than World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined. We cannot be free to live normally until we defeat the virus. I enjoy Spotify. But I consider it my patriotic duty to make this small sacrifice in order to fight for freedom and for the lives of my fellow citizens. 

The FDA is suppressing the negative effects of the vaccine.  Doctors are being threatened.  The VAERS database has over 1 million reports of adverse effects.  I know people personally who have suffered amputations and permanent heart damage (as a 20 year old) as a result to the vaccine.  They lied to us about masks.  Now they're recanting that.  Joe Rogan is doing us a great service by having real experts to give the other data on a vaccine that was brought to market in 1/3 to 1/5 the time it should have taken.  There is a reason many doctors won't take the vaccine.  

Thank you Chuck!

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