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Prager podcasts


Prager podcasts

Noticed that Prager University won’t be able to advertise...thats how I discovered them.  why were their ads removed?  why are there no conservative podcasts?

conservative podcast


My Question or Issue.

Why did you remove the Prager University advertisements?  Thats how I discovered them?  PU offers insight which is contrary to 99% of those allowed.  They offer a view which is backed by facts unlike sites I’ve listened to for 22 years.  You’ve done a disservice to all....can you say censorship?


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I saw the letter sent to PragerU noting their being removed from Spotify advertising.  I am looking for any details on how the "...content of the ads do not comply with our editorial content."  and that "On further review of your website, there are additional compliance concerns..." -Technical Account Manager (Spotify NYC)

Please provide specifics with applied logic.

As a subscriber, I believe I am paying for an answer, or a refund.

Thank you,

Gary Fredricks

I’ve chosen not to pay for the Spotify service, perhaps they’ll hear it loud and clear when paying memberships are reduced.  I pod down during commercials...

I've been a Spotify user for some time now, and a Prager University supporter for several years.  I'm troubled by their recent decision to block their podcast broadcasts.  Differing views and their discussions are a healthy thing for a society, and blocking that content that you don't agree with reeks of censoring.  You can hardly consider the voicing of opinions which have existed for hundreds of years (or indeed much longer) hate speech, no matter how much one disagrees with it.  Especially when these views are based on one's moral convictions.

Spotify should strongly consider their position; I won't support a service which overtly marginalizes an entire segment of society, based on their own world views.


I agree 100%. This is the definition of censorship. I am researching other music alternatives, as Spotify will not be getting my money any longer (almost 5 year sub).

I have always enjoyed Spotify, however like many others, I am disappointed in Spotify’s decision to remove advertisements for PragerU.  Censorship simply because you disagree with a particular viewpoint on any subject violates the right to free speech in an attempt to shut down open dialogue and discussion. This action will not only cost Spotify paid subscribers, but also impact other Spotify advertisers whose message will no longer be heard by listeners switching to other music streaming services.  I urge you to reconsider and not let your policies be driven by any one social or political group.

The ban is ridiculous. You may be free to do what you want with your platform but it's shamefull.
I'm also free to do what I want with my money. If the decision is not reversed by the end of the month I will cancel my family plan.

I created a play list from music from Spotify for when I run..... never signed up to pay for their music....suspecting they would follow along the path of other liberal platforms and either suspend, deny, prohibit anything conservative then bam....they go ahead and do what I suspected.  Thank you for your like....hahaha i look for your decision at the end of the month as we both know they wont yield:).

I will delete my account for sensoring Prager. All points of view should be allowed.

I am also appalled to know that this is going on. If this is true, I am ending my use of Spotify. Spotify will you please explain yourself specifically and directly as to what rules have been broken? I am a premium member and pay monthly. I do not even get ads. However, I cannot in good conscience pay money to this company that would outright censure someone for just having an opposing view. We can affect and direct the conversation only with our dollars. Please let every Spotify user you can know that this is the practice of Spotify.

I'll be stopping my Spotify subscription if they don't fix.

@__spo__its abhorrent and biased that you take away prager university ads, its causing me and many other to subscribe to an alternate music source. Dont go the way of youtube and many other streaming channels by having a politcally biased policing of who you let be heard and who you choose to subjugate. Im extremely dissapointed in you spotify i had so many good memories with streaming on your platform.

Hello Spotify Management,


I suppose the policy or policies violated have to do with your restriction on religious advertising and being directed to sites with content that you may consider as favoring one or more religions.

It's not too late to change those and other policies.  Do you consider whether the violating content might promote "good"?  That is the moral imperative, and the proper broad brush with which to paint.


Thank you,

Gary Fredricks

Dear Spotify Tech Folks,


I had successfully posted the letter from Spotify to PragerU.  I can't find that post now.  I did not delete it.  Please check your system for data loss.  This may be a good for a test of your back-up process & procedures.

Please send me semi-weekly notifications on your progress to restore said post.


Thank you,

Gary Fredricks

Censorship. It's a slippery slope based on what the powers at large define as acceptable.  Fact based logic (which PragerU uses) being censored is poor judgment at best and destructive to our freedoms at worst.  I don't agree with everything they have to say, but I agree they have the right to say it!  I'm tired of corporations diving into the SJW/far leftist mentality.  I don't buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Gillette, Nike, Starbucks or use Patreon - because they have chosen to choose sides and declare that about half the country is wrong in their views - not just disagree with those views, but declare them wrong!  In this era of tolerance and acceptance, we have gone down the rabbit hole of absurdity and decided that we are tolerant of ideas as long as they line up with ours.  I use Spotify to listen to music, podcasts, etc. Please don't limit my enjoyment of the things I enjoy.  We are called the "silent majority" for a reason, we don't scream and shout over every offense hurled at us.  But we do have a voice and will silently speak thru our actions.  And please don't think for a moment that you "know me" because I say I'm part of the "silent majority" - you can not put us in a box.  Our views are as diverse as those on the other side of the isle, but one thing most of us hold in common is The Constitution and the freedoms it gives each citizen.  Please reconsider your decisions to censor platforms that "you" (who ever that is at Spotify) don't agree with. Thanks!

My sense anymore is that it's more than censorship of the writer or producer of the content.  The latest round seems more about silencing the supporter or consumer of content not approved.  We have these laws and norms to protect us from the whims of man.  In another context we often hear much about bureaucracy.  Truth is you want bureaucrats to slow things down and often not act.  Otherwise you get people politicians changing the whole thing around everytime party lines change.  That's not cool either, but I think it fits.  I'm going to start a chat again with Spotify manana and if they haven't changed it yet, I'm out.

They just lost another sub right here. I'll find something better to do with the money than support their anti conservative censorship

I too am giving Spotify until the end of the month to reverse the decision to censor PragerU.  After that I will be moving my family plan to another service.

I, too, am deeply disappointed that this type of bias. It is apparent that this is not an organization that promotes open and free expression of thoughts and ideas.

Your policy team has "re-reviewed the ads... and determined that the ads do not comply with our editorial policies." What are your editorial policies? Who determines the policies? Is it a board of directors that is comprised of diverse individuals who can freely think for themselves and who are open to new ideas and information? Or, rather, is it a group of narrow minded groupies who are threatened by contrarian thought? Why would you prevent diverse views from being expressed? What is the harm in allowing your listeners to make their own decisions? This is another step down the road of losing liberty; another step toward "fake" individualism.   LET PRAGER U EXERCISE THEIR THOUGHTS!!

I have watched enough Praer videos to know that they are not hateful or insulting.  They make rational presentations that anyone is free to watch, or not.

There can be only one, unfortunate, explaination for why Spotify has banned Prager's ads.  Prager presents a conservative viewpoint.


That means that Spotify is acting in direct contradiction of the spirit of America; that we can all freely express our opinions.  Liberal, conservative, or anything else, we all appreciate the sociual responibility of not being deliberately offensive or inconsiderate.  Prager is certainly niether of these.  So, why has Spotify censored Prager?  It can only be that Prager is conservative, and that some very biased Spotify censors are liberal.  What those Spotify censors would do well to recognize is that they are actually validating many of Prager's claims.


We are not supposed to all think the same.  Sheep think the same (assuming they thingk), but people do not, and should not.  Spotify's censors  need to have a long look in the mirror and ask themselve who they think their auduence is, or should be...

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