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Prager podcasts

Noticed that Prager University won’t be able to advertise...thats how I discovered them.  why were their ads removed?  why are there no conservative podcasts?

conservative podcast


My Question or Issue.

Why did you remove the Prager University advertisements?  Thats how I discovered them?  PU offers insight which is contrary to 99% of those allowed.  They offer a view which is backed by facts unlike sites I’ve listened to for 22 years.  You’ve done a disservice to all....can you say censorship?


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I would rather live in a silent world without music, then a world without FREE SPEECH

I'm uninstalling spotify from every device I own and cencelling my subscription.  It is outrageous that they've banned PRAGER-U.  STOP GETTING POLITICAL, shut up and play music

Truth is not relative.  It is real, tangible.  This is what PU is about.  Facts.  Facts are things in this actual tangible world that we can see and touch. If there is something wrong with their facts then I would understand. But this shows that Spotify as a company, may not be objective.  Maybe Spotify is playing music with profanity and music that degraded women and other ethnic backgrounds.  This is what doesn’t make sense.  Why would Spotify take off something good? Truthful? Clean? And keep degrading music and swearing in their ads? I hope they change their minds about this.  Or maybe their company ideals are different than most Americans.  

I ended my sub yesterday.  The person on Chat literally hung up on me.  So they really don't care.


Spotify needs to not listen to hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which identifies almost every conservative broadcast as "hate speech."   Unless Spotify is open to free expression of thught and ideas, I will soon cancell my subsrciption.

The chat rep only knows that he/she gets a paycheck at the end of the week.  Doesn’t understand what its like to sign the front of a check which is why the boardroom needs to see a drop in subscribers.  If someone reached out to to complain at my me no one would hang up on them.

Has there been any private or public feedback from the gentle folks at Spotify to anyone?

I've only heard Prager say that some of his listeners tell him they've left Spotify.  Nothing more from other sources.

Thank you,

Gary Fredricks

It would be professional of all the media companies to list all the organizations they have banned, and why.

If they are as honest as they want us to believe they are, then they have nothing to hide in that regard.


Don’t think it matters to them. There’s enough people with vacant space in their craniums to support the platform...they don’t need lil ole me.

I gave Spotify a few days to change...I've deleted my account effective today. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternatives?  

Well, I didn't hear from anyone so I canceled my family plan.

They wanted my reason for cancelling, it's shown below.


"You stopped the advertising of PragerU. The people responsible for this decision were either bullied into it by the likes of MoveOn, Sierra Club, Media Matters, Think Progress, etc.. or want to make a political statement. I won't support a company that doesn't support the first amendment, whether that speach is popular or not. The only limit is if that speach may cause a breach of the peace or cause violence.

Watch PragerU material and you will see they do not cause that breach."

There was outrage last May about Spotify using the Southern Poverty Law Center ( a highly partisan half billion dollar hate group itself) to make judgments about what to censor. Here it is , the second month of 2019 and they continue to depend on them for their decisions.  

Anybody use Deezer? I've done some looking  and they appear to be an upgrade as well as an alternative.

I have been testing out Deezer and have found it to be a great option thus far.

Prefer says P A N D O R A reached out to them to advertise there.


Dennis Prager is an Orthodox Jew. Do you have a problem with that?! I don't!

Been in the 3 month trial period comparing this product with others for a subscription purchase.  My decision just got made by this free speech suppression nonsense.  WIll send PragerU money instead!


Wake up Spotify...suppression of ideas like PragerU is un-American. PERIOD.  Are you American?  Change your policy!

I hope Spotify will change thier tune free speech is free thought. Very disapointed that Spotify would ban thier ads.

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