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Pricing hike coming


Pricing hike coming

Good morning all,
I have a family plan and enjoy Spotify's service. Came across this article today and want to share: 


"Under the new pricing, the soundtrack of your daily life will cost $11.99 per month for an individual premium plan (up from $10.99), $19.99/month for a family plan (up from $16.99), or $16.99/month for a two-person Duo plan (up from $14.99). The change will take effect in July."


Everyone understands profitability; do companies value long-time customers?


As I wrote above, I am a fan; I would also like acknowledgment of my loyalty.
Does anyone else feel this way?


9 Replies

No company cares about long term customers. They already have us. I’ve had Spotify for over 10 years now and they have never offered me a promotion or incentive to stay with them beyond the first one to get me hooked. Like most of these companies. They are slimy and just want to exploit people. What’s worse is they are nickel and diming people during a time of high inflation when everything is expensive. But Spotify is not alone, Amazon is doing it, spectrum does it, heck even the fricken trash pick up company is doing it. I guess the C suite folks couldn’t afford the exact type of private jet or mansion last year, and they can’t have that. We can only hope for enough backlash and people leaving that they change course and stop exploiting customers.  

Completely agree! I find it it to be one of the worst things in our society today (at least American society). Companies don't seem to **bleep** about their customers or their loyalty. It's just about increasing profit margins. Nobody wants to leave Spotify because it's become our go-to source for audio media. Rather than rewarding and/or appreciating their customers, they take advantage of our loyalty/dependency. It's like a drug dealer raising prices on products once their customer base is addicted. They make all this money but also don't increase their services, in fact I believe I they laid off nearly 1,500 employees last year. The rich get richer at the cost of the middle and lower class. 


Is there a way to email Spotify directly to file a complaint? 

I have posted to X (formally Twitter) to @Spotify and received a reply from @SpotifyCares so they are listening there.
@Kubes - you are right about not loyalty or rewards for long-time customers.

In Finland price increased twice in years. 10,99 first and then 11,99 EUR.

I still get Spotify monthly at old price point 10 EUR, I just grab 6 month cards at local store twice and get 12 months at the price of 10 at current pricing. You get 2 months FREE. I have 18 months redeemed to my account maximum, so there is price guarantee as well. At gift cards each 10 EUR/Dollar whatever means ONE FULL MONTH of Premium Individual service.

I’ve tried to ask for a breakdown or any specifics on what the extra price hike could possibly be for and they can’t even give me any answer.


They do not care about us as long time customers in the slightest. Inflation at an all time high? Sure great timing to charge ANOTHER whole dollar after just having a recent price hike. Oh also we aren’t going to be adding anything it’s a price hike just because! 😄


Do they not realize that’s how we are reading it????


Anyways really sick of Spotify and the damage they’ve done to the music industry overall 😪



Services like this are easy, people are hooked to the simple music experience, everything unlimited. So even if there is a hike, most people will still pay. Like I said, I make someone else pay for my Spotify. Will go for a walk right now to see if they threw some bottles or cans I can deposit for money and exchange that for another Premium month on Spotify. Hot day now and people are out.


So everyone must be drinking beverages and the bottles are dropping all evening long.


I hope you can find some deals on Spotify. I once canceled them just to have 3 months at the price of one later on.

Just arrived via email; at least it began with "thank you"


Check out this site for deals  

I will explore other services, but have been a customer for a very long time and feel like other users that there is no appreciation for long term customers.

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