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Question of the Week: Artists' pre-released songs


Question of the Week: Artists' pre-released songs

Hey Everyone,


Happy Friday!

Did you know yesterday was National Chocolate Day?

If not, its not too late to celebrate! Studies have shown that small amounts of chocolate can give you a bit of a dopamine boost! So why not treat yourself to a feel-good Friday?


Anyway, as its Friday, its time for another question of the week!


If you could listen to the pre-released songs of any artist, who would it be?


(This includes raw / demo versions of the songs)


This question was inspired by the many snippets of demos I see on the album CD's I use (e.g. Taylor Swift albums often include these in their deluxe albums) - and I've always wondered what it would be like to hear the full original version.


[ If you have more than one artist, feel free to include them too ]


Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Kind Regards,

- BK - 🌸

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I love chocolate! I'd eat an entire 300g bar in one sitting if I had no self-control 😄


Being a big fan of a couple of labels has actually allowed me to hear some songs prior to their release date. Either by soundcloud uploads or bandcamp download links dropped prematurely. Yuku label loves doing it, allowing fans to get a taste of the upcoming record sometimes well before the release date. I binged Chewlie's "Alpine" a lot in April and it was just a soundcloud link then.


Anyway, to answer your question - anything by Amon Tobin!
He does drop snippets, teasers and clips of tunes he's working on. Sometimes it's a nearly complete song, other times a simple melody sequence he had built and sometimes a really raw recording of himself "beatboxing" a drum sequence idea for later. The most exciting thing is that there is no telling what any of this will sound like as a finalized song.

Nomark club members and members of the Nomark discord have sometimes heard the full song before the release date, but I like practicing patience : )



SebastySpotify Star
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A bit eager to get  to the weekend aren't we @Bella_K 😄


I have to admit that while pre-releases can give insight into pretty much all the factors that came into play when creating the album/song, I'd prefer not to hear them.

Similar to what @Sebasty said, it's necessary to practice patience in some situations.

It really does make the final experience much more fulfilling.


I have however listened to [idk what to call them but basically they're released after the album] from Kanye West and they're always beautiful.🔂

Many times I have to wonder how a certain track didn't make the cut lmao.


If I were to choose though from the artists in my library, I'd go with Sia. In a way I can't fully explain, her songs alter something in the way my heart functions 💓.

This was a nice question.


Take care everyone 🎧🖤

TaylithSpotify Star
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Great question, @Bella_K!


Sometimes bands that I follow on Facebook will let fans know that they can listen to their upcoming releases on Bandcamp or YouTube before they’re released on Spotify. This happened earlier in the year for a couple of releases that I was looking forward to hearing (Valleys of Primordia by Robot God and Tr3s by Sageness), such that I already knew which tracks I would add to my playlists when they were available on Spotify.


At the moment, one artist from whom I would be very interested in hearing pre-released songs is King Buffalo, as they’re releasing a new album called Regenerator on September 2nd. I quite like the title track from the album, which you can listen to on Bandcamp, but am also curious to hear the rest of the tracks as well since I tend to like a lot of King Buffalo's music (I’ve currently saved 27 Liked Songs from them), and am guessing that I’ll enjoy other songs on the upcoming album, too.



AdamDamSpotify Star
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Brigadeiro is a typical sweet of Brazilian cuisine that quickly spread throughout Brazil, making it common throughout the country to be present at birthday parties.

Here's the recipe for anyone who wants to try it:



1 box of condened milk

1 tablespoon unsalted margarine

7 tablespoons of chocolate milk

chocolate sprinkles



In a deep pan, add the condensed milk, margarine and chocolate milk (or 4 tablespoons of powdered chocolate).

Cook over medium heat and stir until the brigadeiro starts to unglue from the pan.

Let it cool and make small balls with your hand by passing the dough in the chocolate sprinkles.


A great playlist to listen to while enjoying a brigadeiro:


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