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Related artists feature


Related artists feature

Is it just me  - or has the related artists feature lost its way somewhat. I used to love using the feature to roll from one artist to another. Exploring more artists in the genre and seeing how one artist or genre may be connected to another. However these days the related artists often seemingly have no connection to the others in the list (even when trying to think outside the box).

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Has anyone tried reinstalling the old version? 



I've tried several previous versions to no avail. Related artists tab is still disappearing. It will show up for a moment and then vanish each time. 

As far as I am aware, those pages are generated server side so it looks like this is an issue Spotify will need to fix.

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While pallikallo's metaphor is apt, Spotify better wise up and give the people what they want or the people will take their business to the new Beats site or elsewhere. It's not the size of the library anymore, it's the relevance and exploration if new artists and music.

Related Artists is disappearing for me as well. This was the main feature I used in building playlists with a certain sound. 😞

Long live rock'n'roll !

very clever

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay getting this back. We're working on getting it sorted as we speak, we've not removed the feature or anything like that.

It should be back soon, but please do us know if it's still not returned in a couple of hours.Thanks everyone for your patience so far.

Jack, we'll certainly look for it and I hope to see Related Artists soon. Having it work on mobile the way it worked a version or two ago would be even better.

The reality is that I want to stay with Spotify as a monthly subscriber but, you folks must maintain a great user experience and I owe it to myself to check out the new Beats Music Service. I hope Spotify stays better, I really do...

Hey guys,

Is it now showing for everyone?

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Works for me now.



And I am just curious how Related Artists "works" now. Is it the way it used to be where you choose a song and then go to the cover art and then the related artists show up directly below such that you can scroll through them, and then choose various new songs with an "up next " button? I Ioved this process and then, I downloaded a new app version at some point last year and poof, it was gone.

Or, does Related Artists work differently now?

Sorry, it is still not working for me.

@Robohara Have you tried logging out and back in? What platform are you using?

Jwylot, I am using iOS 7 on an iPhone 5. I logged out and back in and it appears to not work for me. Unless I am doing it wrong? How does Related Artists actually work now? Also, I log in through my Facebook login - does that make a difference? Thanks.

The related artists feature should only (or first) show artists who you aren't following right?

Love spotify but I imagine most users see spotify's utility is to tell them about stuff they will like but don't know about yet.
I'm kind of a power user (been working in IT / QA for 15 years, and a DJ) and often when I see related artists it is a whole page of artists I've already started following, or have starred some of their work.

Is there a way to make related artists artists we don't know about yet?
(ones we aren't following/haven't starred any of their work yet?)
then padding it with others.
Most of the time I come to that page after just a few months of premium use, it is pretty worthless to me.

Maybe as an option? (On/off remove known artists from related page, default on?)


J G Heck

I appreciate your thoughts here, Gavin.  I agree with you regarding how Spotify should work.  Now, I am just hopeful that the latest Spotify App update has even better radio functionality, especially after Spotify bought the same music "matching" company that assists and many other sites.  The Spotify Radio feature is another way to find new bands that you want to listen to. We'll see...

Have not tried the radio feature much, but the 'Related Artist' feature still sucks badly.


Example: I like a certain stoner/grunge/sludge band (Baby In Vain) and click Related Artist.On the hit list are a few related artists (like Psyched Up Janis) and quite a few artists from rather distant genres (like Ane Trolle and Mellemblond). The distances between the geolocations of their birth certificates seem to be the dominant measure of relationship. You might as well create a relation based on the number of wowels in their given names, the length of their index fingers, or their zodiac signs.


Please cut out nationality, sex, etnicity, hair color, mother tongue and preferred breakfast cereal from your algorithm. I like to listen to Baby In Vain for the same reasons I like to listen to Ty Segall and Melt Banana. What they have in common includes John Zorn and Lou Reed. The one thing they have in common: deep respect and reverence to a certain musical heritage.


I'd at least expect QOTSA and Kyuss on the list. Mudhoney. Black Sabbath. D-A-D. But Mellemblond? You are out of your mind.


Nor that I really care. usually works for me.

As far as I know, those related artist pages are generated from listening data of Spotify's users.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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