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Related artists feature


Related artists feature

Is it just me  - or has the related artists feature lost its way somewhat. I used to love using the feature to roll from one artist to another. Exploring more artists in the genre and seeing how one artist or genre may be connected to another. However these days the related artists often seemingly have no connection to the others in the list (even when trying to think outside the box).

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The related artists on my artist profile are a classic example of something gone wrong. I'm not even related in next to artists I've actually worked with on albums and we both have together on Spotify, but I am linked with artists who haven't released any music in 10 years but were related to me on Last FM about 10 years ago funnily enough.


These related artists never change and if you check them out, lots of them haven't released any music in years.

I didn't even know my music was on Last.Fm until searching and discovering this post but now I have no idea how to link my related artists on Last.FM to Spotify? I honestly thought my Spotify plays would be what determined the related artists based on whoever listening to me also listening to other artists... this is an odd way to link info, doesn't seem timely at all

Same boat here . I'm an older artist so it seems all my Related artists are over 50 . To Spotify I'm not New Psychedelic ,Electronic ,Alternatve ,   no, I'm just old .  Therefore only old artists are related .  I'm stuck with artists that have zero connection with my Electronica ,many haven't released for decades ...if they are even alive .


 This is bad enough , but it means that my work can not appear on any relevant playlists .   Modern Psychedelia playlist compilers for example ,wouldn't even know of my work when it was pitched to them because I'm not registered in my real genre.  I'm forced into this bizarre 'old eccentric' genre . Many will even tell you I am the inventor of Modern Psychedelia in 1982. But algorithms rule.

    New album out 2017, gigs with Ariel Pink , Maus...doesn't matter I'm stuck fast in some weird alternative dimension where music style has no relevance . This hurts .



I see you guys now have "releated artists". Did you do anything additional?

I'm in a similar position, we don't have related artists yet.

My band Jumpman (hardcore punk), all of our “related artists” seem to hip hop artists and rappers. I feel like this may be making harder for our music to reach people who might actually be interested in hearing it:

I gave up on this thread years ago, it makes no difference. Ignore it and
move on 🙂

Spotify has a new article that goes into detail on how Fans Also Like (previously called Related Artists) works and how the artists are chosen to be displayed.


Check it out:

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**bleep**!  I've got the same artist now I had in 2006.  Either no one is watching or no one cares.  There are a couple of artists on my Ralated Artist feature that haven't released music since 1995.  I'm getting 20,000 listeners a month, they are getting 10.  And it isn't even the same genre.  I also have    What is working for the majors doesn't work for the Indies.  Not me anyway.  

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