Spotify Playlist Description & Cover Art

Spotify Playlist Description & Cover Art

Hello, Spotify’s recent update may not be a big deal to others, but have affected my experience as a user and stunted my creativity. Firstly, our playlist description (on app you do not get to see full description) and the cover art is “stuck” we cannot really interact anymore aka click to view bigger and fuller.. It’s just there. As a big squared image hanging on top of your playlist. I appreciate the bigger cover art but still, it just all seem like a huge step back for people like me, who are interested in the social and visual part of having a playlist. There are people like me who constantly change their pictures and art and description.. Those take hours to DAYS to update sometimes. Please let us view the playlist description and cover art in full. And also why it is so hard to change or edit these two on app? Why can’t we have those options.. We already have “edit name” so why not edit description and picture??

Thanks for hearing me out.

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The playlist descriptions are invaluable to me as well and I sorely miss them in this latest iPhone update; some of the 'Sounds of Spotify' playlists use the list descriptions to link out to other related playlists. I like reading what others say about their lists and want others to read what I say about mine. Please bring the playlist descriptions back. While you're at it, please bring back information on number of songs on a playlist and date of last modification. I am very disappointed with the February 2020 update and expect more; at the very least, could there be setting 'view' options that allow us a chance to have that additional information?

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