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Spotify fix our home screens you ducked them up


Spotify fix our home screens you ducked them up

Spotify please put the Home Screen back to what it should be. The new one is awful, just awful, and everyone hates it. I took a poll, every single person I spoke to absolute hates it. It’s not nice. It’s not doing any good. It’s horrible and atrocious and everyone hates it and please please just put it back the way it should be. It’s so awful. By god it’s horrible. I have trouble even opening Spotify god it’s so awful turn it back please we all hate it

6 Replies

SPOTTTIFY. PUT. IT BACK. This is abuse. We are all suffering. You evil

it’s TERRIBLE!!! why is everything trying to look like tiktok jfc. we don’t want this please change it back 😣😣😣 i don’t want to switch to apple

music but this is genuinely trash 

Looking like TikTok is not a good strategy, it sucks, be your own app come on now Spotify

you should put this with the ideas here


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This just got turned on for me. It is absolutely frustrating as I cannot use the apps Home Screen anymore. Is there a way to turn this off?

Spotify......STOP changing the Home Screen and pushing your ideas that we want videos and podcasts. We want our way! Let us customize the home screen. We want to see new music, discover new artist and saturate ourselves in the music WE choose.  Guess what!  You already had a nearly perfect layout. The "Made For ..." section is amazing! The Radio suggestions are fantastic. This**bleep** is garbage. Just because I listened to a particular song doesn't mean I want to listen to the rest of the album or see the bands lame videos.
If I want a crappy interface I'll just use Apple Music. Their audio quality is better and they gave a larger selection. I stay with Spotify for the new music discovery and they layout "WAS" better. 

Aside from that rant......changing the core interface of your software that is used my millions is a terrible idea at its core. Add a new section at the bottom and experiment there. Whoever is in charge of these changes should be fired! With a simple interface change you make an amazing product useless!

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