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Spotify free features


Spotify free features

I dont have a premium subscription of spotify. I have been using this since i think 2019 or so, then it was all good but since the last year, spotify has been updating the app and now all basic features are removed like we can not take the track to our wanted time to listen the part of the song which we wanna hear.... other features like the non-shuffled playlist is anymore present... its okay about the smart shuffle playlist for non-premium users but you should not have removed the feature to scroll ahead or back in a track, alongwith playing a song by clicking on it in a playlist... recently i have not been able to play any song from a playlist and i always need to search it up and play... at the time spotify offered the best features so i started to use it but now i think in the future we wont be able to play any song if we dont have premium, like tbe amazon music app! I understand premium is needed but like for the most basic things too? This is not right. Atleast keep the basic features like forwarding or rewinding a track and playing a specific song from a playlist. This is a kind request to please add those features back or i would need to switch to other music apps if the features keep getting removed.

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Have you made sure that everything is updated on your end in terms of hardware, software, etc.?


Providing precise evidence to the Spotify Community experts helps them verify these things. It could be that those things have been removed as well- I would recommend searching the community resources and just Googling this as well. 

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