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Spotify's new policy


Spotify's new policy

People should be given the freedom to put songs on loop with free account back. There is no way they can be devoid of this basic feature and be compelled to listen to the shuffled playlist where a song can't be even played from the start or from anywhere in the mid. There is no way anybody can be forced to buy premium this way, since everybody has different priorities. This isn't a healthy business strategy held by spotify. premium is made for additional features, and must remain for that purpose. This is extremely disappointing


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If the only advantage is no ads... but I can't set a song to repeat... bye bye premium


Yeah man free stuff sucks. 

I'm very disappointed by the new[?] layout ... my personally selected albums are no longer listed alphabetically, which makes the search more difficult, and a selection by Artist is absent.  The updated format of the screen display is also a backward step.

You can collect bottles and tin cans for a while to get Free Premium. I do it that way, haven't paid for Premium in years.


When I collect 120€ worth of cans and bottles, you just deposit them, buy from the store 60 euros 6 mo Premim cards twice.


And here you have it "Freemium", that's the way I call it 😄



You seem to be struggling in general with listening to music. 

Firstly, it’s odd that listening to songs on repeat is that important to you. I get the occasional replay but I wouldn’t have guessed that it mattered enough to be essentially equated to a violation of one’s rights. 

Secondly, don’t you think it’s pretty cool that you get to listen to music for free? I’d say that’s pretty considerate of Spotify. And of all the tactics they could employ to convince someone to purchase premium, I would be astounded if they thought that taking away replay privileges would be the magic bullet. 

Enjoy the music. 

You can queue track as many times as you want in Free. Even on Premium I usually queue faves like 10 times a row.


It seems Spotift is struggling, as most are totally content with Free which makes people who are able to pay, let's say not exactly everyone, stays on Free because it is suitable. Now they added repeat one Premium and Lyrics too.


I think they are struggling making Premium members more. Free is just too good, so many stay even when spare money is in their wallet.


My own Premium plan is paid to 01/2025 with collecting bottles and tin cans depositing them for cash.


With cash I buy at the same store 6 mo Spotify gift cards for 60 euros many times to redeem.

why can't i switch to BASIC Premium as I don't listen to podcasts

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