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The Android Spotify UI is a masterpiece, thank you


The Android Spotify UI is a masterpiece, thank you

Apologies if this breaks the rules.


On S23U the playlist track listings caught my eye. Been using Spotify since beta, changes in there are very subtle; but boy have you all nailed it.


The color, the spacing, the fonts. Whoever you are or all are who managed to deliver this UI, sincere thanks and excellent work.



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It's rare to see a post not complaining about UI changes lol, you must be a unicorn 😁


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I still haven't gotten over "Starred" playlist getting replaced with "Liked songs".


Although I haven't seen the posts I assume they're complaining about the explore/nav portions of UI. I was more referring to the core functionality i.e. listening and playlist UI, less so the exploration of multiple playlists / new content; though that seems to have gotten better as well (like who cares about podcasts in a music app!).



The look is by far the best of all others apps I viewed.


The only complaint from me about new UI on Spotify for Android is Tiktok view after 11th tile line. I think they should remove Tiktok and make tiles all pages long. The tabs with tiles I do not care at all, where tiles are not disliked.

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