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Whats the point in audiobooks on spotify?


Whats the point in audiobooks on spotify?

Genuinely curious why they would work hard to get this out to users when services like audible exist?


I'd happily pay a bit more to have access to unlimited audiobooks via a subscription if it beat audible pricing.


Why pay £18 for a book on Spotify when I can get it on audible for 7.99.

Having "everything in one place" is not really a good enough draw to make me convert...


What are other peoples thoughts?

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It is ridiculous, especially when you can probably buy and download audiobooks, from other services, but upload them as local files, to listen to, on Spotify. Why would people pay more, when that option exists?

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I have Audible and have used it for YEARS.   I pay the monthly subscription and get one book a month (included).  With Spotify have have found a huge selections of book included with my Premium membership.  The problem I have ran into is the 15 listening hours per month.  I have purchased the 10 hour top-up for $13.  I do not believe I would listen to 25 hours per month, but I'm only in my second month of Spotify audiobooks.
I am trying to find where I can see my remaining top-up hours.  Suggestions?

They are trying to make profit. They invested on podcasts, exclusive podcasts too, with no avail.

Now they want to try making profit with audiobooks. I mean it will fail too, music streaming is where the money is.


They should bring hi-fi as we speak already, this will make them some money long term.


They should go back to their roots.

Even then they will be NEVER profitable as their deals are so expensive for them, most of the earnings goes to labels anyway.


This business model just isn't working.

I mean when most of their subscription money goes to labels, it will never make Spotify profitable no matter how much prices increase.

Spotify is always at loss, after each price increase. Labels are those who seeing profit and it is never enough.

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