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When did you have your "Spotify is awesome!" moment?


When did you have your "Spotify is awesome!" moment?

I thought today I'd pose this question to everyone in the community.


Think back to when you started using Spotify for the first time.


When and what made you go from "I wonder what this Spotify thing is that everyone is talking about; maybe I'll give it a try." to "ooh right, well this is cool!"

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I was looking for pandora alternative. Been "spotify all the way" since I tried it.
Keep the party going! Please accept solutions if they helped with your question! I am not an official spotify representative, just another user trying to help out. 🙂

Sunday, as soon as I realised that the Pink Fairies are available. 

Keep the party going! Please accept solutions if they helped with your question! I am not an official spotify representative, just another user trying to help out. 🙂

When I got Premium a few months ago. 

@FluffyButty wrote:

When I got Premium a few months ago. 

Hey there.


I hope you enjoy your Premium of every month.


It is great to see you are Premium, as it enables highest possible quality on streams. And it is clever on my Sennheiser earphones!


I hope you will have nice day.


Kind regards,

Jyrziu xd

i'm literally having it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day when I had finally my 20GB Mobile data haha
Finally can listen the songs when I want! Feels so good to have millions of songs on my device (y)

When I discovered I could save different versions of the same song to My Music.

Pretty much the day I started using it back in 2010.


Having all the music available in one place and the ability to make playlists and share them made my day back then. 🙂

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About the same time I had that "I'm kinda over Pandora now" moment. As it turns out, what I really hated was being limited by the number of likes/dislikes I could use--that's what Tinder is for. I digress, however, to illustrate the point that Spotify has essentially broken down the walls that seemed to limit people's musical experiences (cue the dusty jukebox). As the Greek myth goes, Pandora opened the box and could not control what was coming out of it. So when I attempt to explain why I think Spotify is so awesome, I have one word--Pandora. While you can try to control the content that enters your ears, you're forced to listen to whatever "evils" lurk in subsequent songs.

Enter Spotify.

Frankly, Spotify reminds us that it's just as important for users to have the ability to control what goes in our ears as it is to decide what we put into our bellies. Similar to that moment when one's craving is immediately satisfied with the explosion of flavor bursting from a well-cooked meal, Spotify continuously hits the proverbial spot.

When Spotify enabled premium users with the ability to control bass along with other audio controls (not to mention its compatibility with the dj app) became available on chromecast, and started streaming songs from Empire, collaborated with Diplo to create playlists, became available on Uber, partnered with Starbucks...shall I continue?

My most recent mantra: Keep calm and turn Spotify on.



Hello and welcome:


That was an awesome post! That made me smile in a slyly sort of way. 

Well, I don´t even remember when I started using Spotify TBH; altough I became a premium user two years or so ago. My "spotify is awesome" moment was just last year....


When Apple Music launched last june I figured I´d cancel my spotify membership for those 3 months and try out the competition. Needless to say I returned to spotify, the simplicity and effectiveness of the UI made me return to spotify and cancel the apple music renewal. Not to mention a few months later I received a custom playlist based on my listening habits for the year. The moment was when I realized how much tought spotify had put in its features, mainly in the UI design.


I only wish that they had a live radio station with the worldwide hits, that´d rock!

Well, to me was when I started to discover new music through "Radio" section of the service, mainly because sometimes is like falling in the rabbit hole (one artist, leads to another, and to another, and so on...), and to be honest, such "awesome" moments come from time to time when I listen something new for first time.


Perhaps, the most notorious "Spotify is awesome" moment was a couple of weeks ago, when (out of the blue) I searched for an australian band called Decomposing Serenity, and to my delight (and surprise!) found an album for them... darn! That was such an awesome day!

I was completely amazed with my first interaction with Spotify on a friend's phone. I immediately purchased 3 months for .99!! I'll have no problem paying the 9.99 a month when my trial is over. The depth of their library is completely mind blowing!!! I'm a believer! 🙂

When i discover myself, i could play spotify in my pc from my phone, its like your phone becomes an awesome remote for everything brilliant.

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