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Where to complain about Spotify deleting musing


Where to complain about Spotify deleting musing

Yesterday one of my favourite artists (band Pyryatyn) posted that Spotify has deleted one of their albums. I checked and it is indeed the case. Songs that I listened just a couple of days ago are gone. 


Presumabely, this happened because of a centralized russian media attack on the band because one of the songs in the album glorifies Ukrainian Army.  This media attack was launched by Zakhar Prilepin, russian terrorist who used to fight the war in Ukraine on the side of the groups responsible for shooting down the MH-17.


I find it disturbing that Spotify supports terrorists in their willingness to shut down freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Ukraine and worldwide.

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So Spotify is OK with Joe Rogan broadcasting **bleep** crazy conspiracy theories about horse paste, but we can't listen to a song?
What happened Spotify?
Am I supposed to cancel my account and move to Deezer, Tidal, or a less rubbish competitor because you censor MUSIC, but not racist conspiracy nuts?

"**bleep** is batsh1t

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