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Worst update ever


Worst update ever

I dont know if I'm the only having this issue with the new update. I updated 11.17.23 to get my Wrapped and now all my saved/liked albums are gone. Support said that you have to go into every album and "Like all songs" for it to add to your library? I've done that with multiple songs/albums and it still says I only have 7 of 12 songs saved? This is happening with all the artists I'm following and albums I've liked. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm missing a step. Someome please help, I live off this app. I just wanted my Wrapped :'(


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Wrapped comes out after the year’s end

Last year wrapped the end of November.

Seems like last year was the first time they did it early. Who knows I guess when this year. 

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