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Yes West when the album "Talk" release


Yes West when the album "Talk" release

I have already posted to Trevor Rabin and received an answer from him. I'll ask again here in case anyone knows...


Talk is the fourteenth studio album by progressive rock band Yes, released in 1994. It is their first release with an independent label after having been distributed the length of their career thus far with Atlantic Records  and Arista Records. In a 1993 interview, Alan White joked that the album would be called Crunching Numbers, and another working title was History of the Future. He also mentioned a song called "Scarlet From The Tide", but it is unknown whether this song became part of a track on the album or if it wasn't added at all. Talk is also the last Yes recording with Tony Kaye on keyboards and Trevor Rabin on guitars, keyboards and vocals.

The album was panned by critics. All  Music said the album was "a disaster", and that Rabin and Anderson fail to come up with really distinctive songs, which may help explain why this album had a lower chart peak than any new Yes album since 1972 and a shorter chart run than any Yes album except the compilation album Classic Yes. It was also the first of the remaining new projects by Yes to fail to reach gold status.


That was care of Wikipedia...


However, the album's reputation has improved with time, and it is now viewed in some quarters as the best album by the Rabin lineup. Endless Dream, a multi-movement suite in the manner of '70s Yes, but written mostly by Rabin, is particularly well regarded.


So anyway I agree with everything after However, just above.


I was floored by the recording my first turn of the disc, and saw them perform it live in Southern California at an outdoor amphitheater and while I know most fans were not impressed this one was.


My question is why is it not in the discography of the and why is it not here on Spotify???


Trevor answered me on Facebook and had this to say:


Steve, I am not sure why but I will give the guy's a call because I'm sure they are not aware of this and thank you for letting me know I'm certain it's just been overlooked... Trevor


If anyone knows how we can get this recording on Spotify please let me know.



Steven Walsh


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The record label or whoever owns the rights to the tracks needs to add them to Spotify.

Lovely to see you got a response from them, most artists completely blank people looking for their content! 



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Trevor Rabin' is not just any artist as you know and he has a Facebook page in which from time to time he answer's when there's time to. He was concerned when he looked and did not find "Talk" in the discography on Yes's "YESWORLD.COM" that was the question he answered back and thanked me for bringing it up... Now I want to find "Talk" included in the Yes discography on "Spotify" don't you? I was moved when I heard the disc the first time I turned it. I read an interview in which other's closer to him and the band spoke of his electronically new recording style was high tech and is now used in most if not all recording studio's in the world today. I am a long time fan of his and almost had opportunity to meet him in 1994 during the "Talk Tour" in southern California, just missed him as he was quick to get home that night....


I will revisit his page now and ask, he was the producer and I would think he would also own the rights to his own production of the album so long as Jon, Chris, Alan and the rest all agree in releasing it after all it was broadcasted live during the tour...


May I make one correction please in my first message to Trevor I wrote that "Talk" was not included in the YES discography. That was before I noticed that it was also not included on Spotify.


I don't wish to let anyone turn the wrong direction because that's how I remember it.....



Steven Walsh


Please get this album back to Spotify, I love it and miss it too much in my playlist.




We are in 2018 and still no "Talk" album, one of the most beautiful in my opinion.
Please Spotify... pretty please.

2018 almost over and my favorite album of all time? Still missing from Spotify... 


It will be a sad Christmas.

I agree its a travesty that whoever owns the rights to this CD is refusing to let it on Spotify.  I am a big fan of the Trevor Rabin era and Talk is better than Big Generator or Union IMHO.  Yes-ARW even includes "I am Waiting" in their live is anyone supposed to be familiar with that great song anymore?  But anyway, on to the workaround:


You must own the Talk CD to do this.  


1) Rip the CD that you own to your hard drive

2) Ensure that the metadata on the files does not match up with the album Talk, or the Song Names.  I had to change them all slightly because otherwise Spotify refuses to play them.  You can alter the metadata by right clicking the file and choose properties, and then change the album and song title on the Details tab.

3) In the Spotify desktop client, in your settings, add the folder where you saved the music files as a local music source.

4) In the spotify desktop client, under "You Library" find the local files link and find those files, and add them to your "Yes" playlist.

5) While you have the phone at home and connected to the same wifi as you desktop, go into the Yes playlist and set the playlist to download.  The files will then copy to your phone and be fully playable.



2020, and the "Talk" album is still not to be found on Spotify.  Endless dream is one of my favorate songs from Yes.

What a pity!

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