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Your idea(s) on how to make Spotify more socially connected with friends and artists


Your idea(s) on how to make Spotify more socially connected with friends and artists

Dear Spotify community, 


My name is Brecht, first of all I hope you are all well during these surreal times. 


I’m an interaction design graduate from Belgium, as an interaction designer I research how users communicate and interact with digital platforms. As a graduate I participate in a case made by Spotify on how to turn the Spotify experience into a socially more connected experience.  


I always start from a user's perspective, so that’s why I start my journey in this community.

I would like to know from everyday user’s how spotify might:


  • Create a deeper connection between you and your friends through its platform.
  • Create a deeper connection between you as a fan and artists through its platform.
  • Enable you to get to know more music genres, songs, playlists, can you link this with a social experience? For example explore playlists based on friends you follow or shared by friends on social media platforms.

As these ideas might be actually used, I would like to involve as many users as possible. Feel free to collaborate and share your personal thoughts on this topic! There are no wrong answers, only interesting perspectives and insights! 


Thanks in advance! 





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A way to communicate to an artist your appreciation for their work. Not a chat setup but more of a comment section and/or drop box. There are so many times I wanted to tell an artist what impact a song or songs have had on my life. Just spitballing here, but there has to be a way. Another thing is the playlist exchange. There has to be more people than the couple dozen regulars that would like to share playlists. Spotify has the Lions share of the market and there has a way to make the community more structured and available to more users. 200 million users and that few use the community ? Maybe have a separate app for chat, playlist exchange and content / system problems. I just think more interaction would be a good thing. I'm only 17 and have a good handle on music genres and artists, but you could discover so much more that way. I think it would be more rewarding to all the users. Thank you for reading this and I'm sorry I went on so long. Happy Listening Everyone.

Hi, thank you for your ideas! I really love these insights!
Happy Listening!

Also feel free to pm me with your ideas! 

I love to hear from them! 


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