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how do i make money when listening to music on Spotify?


how do i make money when listening to music on Spotify?

is there anything else I can use to make money when listening to music.
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This is a good one, what do you mean? Just for listening to music on Spotify earn money? Never heard this before, and I don't believe that such a thing exists, exactly like that, but sure, you can earn money but not from Spotify, you can look at some companies out there that pay for reviewing tracks. 


Not sure if this helps you but if you want to reach out I'll be happy to help. 


Have a great week. 



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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I earn money using Spotify all the time.

I pay Premium using my money I earn listening to music on Spotify.

I usually just go out on bike or walk and look for any bottles or tin cans. Glass bottles too I look out for.

When you collect many of them, you can deposit them at the store for money.

May not be applicable to your country, but I make good money listening Spotify and collecting tin cans.

Tin can for example is worth €0.15 when collected and deposited. I find them all the time.


This is my way to get paid for listening to music. My best months are €500 worth of free money.

On festivals is good place to start, as everyone will be drunk with beverages to go. You just stand with big bag.

Do nothing and people will throw their empty beverage cans for deposit and you hear festival music for free.


I'm interested in learning more about this song reviewing opportunity. Please can you provide an email address for me to connect with you? I can't seem to PM you. 

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