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how to become a Curator


how to become a Curator

how to become a Curator

2 Replies

Wow, @Justinbaby I thought that was going to find some useful information here, well guess I need to share my own experience then, right?


I started curating (very poorly) back in 2017, I mean already had my own playlists and stuff like that you know, but starting creating new and interesting playlists is a quite different thing, playlists that people like, follow, and most importantly listen to to them is the key part, otherwise is only a bunch of tracks that only you enjoy (maybe a few more of your friends) and that's cool, there's nothing wrong with it. 


Personally, I learned a lot from @Soundofus might not be his intention but he was someone that I was impressed by the way he not only shared music but discovered, always new music and mostly by unknown bands, that was really rad. 


Took me a few years to learn, I have to knock on so many doors, to look for ways to discover new music, and one thing leads me to another until I start my own music blog, and now I get in touch with independent artists mostly unknown and help them to get out there, to give them a chance to be heard for more people. 


Not sure if this is help ful for you or to anybody but if you have a specific question just hit me. 


Looking forward to hearing from you. 







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Who curates hard dance lists? Amazing selection in Hardstyle category.

How one can apply for curating hard dance lists on Spotify?

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