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my one plan, triple payment spotify life


my one plan, triple payment spotify life

i always have to type anything for this board in another app and paste it in here, because if I don't, skipping between apps usually hangs this one and i have to start all over again. 


Whoops, forgot to today. Everything in this pośt has been typed twice. I am using this forum to report a bug in the Spotify auto payment system.  In the past 3 months, I have used 3 different debit cards to pay for Spotify. 

For the last 2 months all 3 get charged because whatever you use to pay gets enrolled in the monthly program. Last month, it took 10 days and 8 support chats (re-explaining _everything _ with each chat), 29 screenshots and 3 escalations to get my extra $10.99 back.  will be seeking $21.98 back.


I lost my job and I'm homeless, so losing $22.00 even temporarily hurts. And I broke my left scapula yesterday.



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