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no pride icon this year?


no pride icon this year?

it means a lot to me to see the little rainbow spotify icon. is that too much of a political statement for spotify, now? 😞

7 Replies

O Spotify não é muito ligado a essas pautas modinhas não, oq é um pouco positivo

Yes. Stop. We don't need your lifestyle pushed on the rest of us. Spotify doesn't need to be political. It's about music. It's not all about you. It's for everyone, and that definitely doesn't represent everyone. Stop thinking that people need to cater to your sexual preference. You aren't entitled to it. You're entitled to the Spotify logo, like we all are. Who do you think you are that you and your lifestyle are special that you and that community only should get representation, or at all?

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Those extrapolations will not bring you joy when you end up unhappy and alone. There is a life to live beyond one being consumed by hate and anger, and I sincerely hope you find it.

Ger out of here, with that nonsense. I'm not consumed with it. You're consumed by identity politics. You're just mad, because I'm right. People are tired of people pushing sexuality, race, and the victimhood mentality. I can hate whatever I want to, just like you can. And I hate it, because it goes against my values; It not because I'm a hateful person. If you push something, expect pushback. We will not bow to you. What that "pride" nonsense represents is hate against decency, children, and privacy. You can't tell me what has been done, by that community, in public, to children, and against Christians is about love. Keep your posts about music. I should never know your personal lifestyle, on here. That's overstepping.

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You say you're not consumed by politics, but only one of us has written long essays here debating lifestyle choices on a music streaming board. No where did I say I'm mad-- I'm not, but it's too bad if you feel that way. Jesus preached unconditional love ❤️ and I hope you find that. I wish you the best!

I didn't say anything, and you're the one that kept debating, and as if you're the bigger person. You don't have to break anything to me. I didn't debate any lifestyle choices. I only stated the fact that it's not about your lifestyle choice, and that people are tired of being told about it. You're the one that brought it up, unnecessarily. You're not mad? Ha! You came off, as whiny, because Spotify didn't represent your lifestyle, on a platform that has nothing to do with it, and it's not about my feelings; it's just the fact of the matter that you were. Now, you're trying to pretend that you weren't, and that you're a calm and innocent bystander that didn't start this whole thing. You were the one that called Spotify out, for not bowing to the community, as if it's the right thing to do, because it would fulfill your need for your feelings to be accommodated. Spotify is not here to do that. It's here to provide a service. Stop making it about your lifestyle. And don't try to use Jesus and the Bible, against me, as if you know what you're going on about.  Don't mistake love for support. Christians are supposed to love others, but hate the sin that they take part in. And I never stated that whether I am Christian or not. I just stated that "the community" that you're a part of hates and attacks things such as Christianity. An example is a homosexual couple suing a baker, because she wouldn't bake a wedding cake for them, because it goes against her beliefs. THEY wouldn't go somewhere else, and wanted to try to force her to do it. It's about control and conformity. And quit wishing things for me, as if you're the bigger person, and as if you know anything about what I have and don't have. I hope you will find the sense to respect others, by living your life, without pushing it on others to accept and celebrate. Don't try to change Spotify into your own thing. Respect what it is, for everyone. I hope you will learn that. Then, you won't be disappointed, about it not being about that particular part of your identity. If you would respect that, then you don't need to respond, but I guess it takes time for some people to learn that.


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ok 🙏 praying for you

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