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"Top titles in [year]" playlists DETAIL ?

"Top titles in [year]" playlists DETAIL ?

Hi, my question is simple, do you know how the "Top titles in [year]" playlists are made ? 
I mean, in detail.
Like, everything that is taken into consideration to create them: the title duration? the number of times we have listened the title? or maybe the sum of the time listening them? 
And also, do you know if there are a ranking through the playlist themselves ? For example, do the first title (without selecting any 'filter') is the one we have listened more, or no ? Etc.
And, is it possible to know that ? (All i writed)

I'm really sorry if that's not the place for questions like these. I searched an answer/topic with the same subject and maybe the answer, but i didn't find. So i think it's the good place for that here.

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