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what do you listen to music for?


what do you listen to music for?

share your experience here!

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Oh, that is a good question. : )


For me, music is a bit like a way to recharge, so when i feel drained or tired of things in general, music will lift me up again.

But majorly, music ...pleases me. Talking about goosebumps, that electrifying feeling following a really good sound, an eargasm. I am heavily attracted to all songs that make my brain tingle in one way or another, and songs that manage to grab my whole being, usually become my favourite songs of all time.
So perhaps it's also a drug for me, but unlike the actual drugs, music remains consistent and I don't need to up the dose to get the kick.


Music also fills up the usually vacant space in my head, shoos away the intrusive thoughts and keeps me company as i do my little things, like drawing or sewing. And when I need to be calmed down, Amon's soft songs will do the trick. : )

SebastySpotify Star
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Great question, @gg_orlandii!


I think that like @Sebasty, I tend to listen to music because I find it to be enjoyable. When I’m at home, music makes other activities (such as doing chores, writing, playing games, etc.) more fun while it’s playing in the background, and helps me to keep a positive mood. When I go outside for a walk, I also make sure to bring my headphones so that I can listen to my favorite music there, too, while simultaneously blocking out the stressful street noises from the surrounding environment (I live in a city, so it can be rather noisy—even in the park). In general, I think that music tends to be relaxing and calming for me as well (as long as I’m listening to songs that I like, which is quite easy to do on Spotify).


In addition to playing familiar favorites in the background while doing other activities, I also sometimes listen to music while focused specifically on exploring unfamiliar songs, albums, or artists on Spotify (usually in a Private Session on the desktop app), with the aim of making discoveries that could go into my own Spotify playlists. Discovering a previously unfamiliar song that I like always seems to bring me joy, perhaps because of the novelty of appreciating a work of music that I hadn’t considered listening to before, and perhaps also because of the satisfying feeling that I associate with adding a new track to my Spotify playlists—knowing that it’s now saved there for me (and any interested playlist followers) to revisit whenever I or they would like to re-listen to it.



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I listen to music to have some fun and reduce stressful thinking because I always sing along whenever my favorite songs are playing 🙂

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