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why is music I don't like appearing in discover?


why is music I don't like appearing in discover?

While I really like discover (I've found some good bands) it has a big problem. I find that bands who play music I don't like appear in big across the top and this morning I notice Ollie muirs amongst the other (metal) suggestions. Is there a way to stop music styles/bands I don't like from appearing in Discover?

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Well, the thread is near to my problem, but the recommended solutions don't fit.


I'm a premium user and my doughter borrowed my mobile for a party to get rid of the adds of her free version.

So she sent her playlist to my account and now I got all that bull**bleep** in the discover section I personally do not hear.


On the android mobile, I don't see any up-/down-thumbs in the discover mode (only radio).

I can't find a corresponding switch in the preferences also.


I would like spotify to introduce a new function with the next update to choose something like "do no longer recommend this artist/song".


But I'm also afraid, that - as previously stated here - Spotify earns money with the recommendation of artists.

Because sometimes, the suggestions are really far, far off.


Thanks & Good bye,


I listen to 5% jazz yet discover is 90% jazz, when does it change??

Since i listen 170 hrs/month it should change. Bring back the STARRED and

Library feature 2 really useful features since the where sortable every way,

and I could find things fast in my own many playlist

Just toss discover since it does not work, and is useless now.

Maybe there is a way to change discover, or should i wait a few months?

AGREED!!  When I give a thumbs down for an artist or song, I expect to be free of that selection from then on. Why do they keep coming back?

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