3HBI song deleted from spotify


3HBI song deleted from spotify


Hi! In 2018 I found a song I think was named «3HBI 3HBI». And then, it was all of a sudden gone from youtube, spotify, and google... And both me and my friends loved the song! And now it is gone and we don’t know how to find it, because we are not sure what it is called or if it is japanese, chinese or russian. Why did spotify delete it? And why is it gone from EVERY social media???


From Ina Heier

Oppdal, Norway



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Re: 3HBI song deleted from spotify


I can't speak for other social media platforms, but Spotify holds licenses with the record labels/artists for each track on the platform. These licenses can either expire or be redacted from by the record label/artist. When that happens, the song becomes unavailable in, either, a certain market or all together. You can find more information (albeit vague) about content availability here